Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Accessories: Cute New iPhone Cases


     Most iPhone users will agree with me when I say that they are gadgets of beauty but living with one without a case is just way too risky, for the year I've had my iPhone 4 I have only ever had one case which has saved me from dreaded cracks on my screen, however in the last week I have unintentionally bought two amazing new cases.
     The first one is this totally cute panda from Primark, a total bargain at £3! For me the most appealing thing, aside from the sweet face on the bear, is that it's made from soft bendy rubber and has a bumper so it covers all the edges of the phone; perfect for avoiding any chips. And if the panda doesn't float your boat it also comes in a cat or rabbit shape, for that price I may go and pick up the other two and complete my collection.
     The other appealed less from a practical point of view and more because I have an addiction to anything that sparkles. I purchased this gem in Debenhams home department in the end of season sale for only £9 at half price! It's a hard transparent plastic so less accident proof but with all the jewels and neon colours I'm willing to take the risk.

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Georgina ♡ 

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  1. love love love the case with crystals so pretty x


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