Friday, 31 January 2014

Favourites: Gold / Silver Clutch Bags

I'm quite particular when it comes to bags so for me decent clutch bags are hard to come by. For a year now I've been lusting over the Alexander Mcqueen clutches (which are sadly out of my price range) so when I saw these in a little local independant fashion store I had to snap them up straight away. One silver, one gold so I can mix and match accordingly with my outfits on a night out. 

The unique jeweled clasp also doubles as a ring, which not only makes holding onto the bag comfortable but also adds a statement piece of jewelry to your outfit. Plus the bags themselves are simple, rectangular in their hard shell shape and covered with glitter fabric meaning that they are classic and less likely to date against the ever changing fashions. I also loved the fact that they both came with a long chain inside so that should I need a shoulder strap the option is there. 
It was definitely love at first sight for me with these and I can't wait for them to sparkle on a night out.

Thank you as always!



  1. I adore the silver one! It's so beautiful Xx

    1. That's my favourite one too :) I followed you on bloglovin


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