Thursday, 6 February 2014

Review: Bomb Cosmetics

I was really excited when the doorbell rang this morning with my latest parcel, the candle I ordered from Bomb Cosmetics had finally arrived! The product was beautifully wrapped in a lilac box with 'Keep Calm and have a Bath' emblazoned on the side, then as I opened it up the inside looked just as lovely with all the packing foam (very similar to Lush's but much prettier with the bright colours!) and buried underneath it all was this bad boy, the 'Coconut Mushrooms' scented candle (£7.99) and anyone who read my last post will know I'm a sucker for this scent! I'd like to congratulate whoever designed the packaging on this tin because the cute illustrated mushrooms complete with the pun 'Hey, fun guy!' really brought this product to life. The candle itself is white in colour with the bomb cosmetics signature hearts resting in the wax. I think that's a lovely personal touch to their candles. I lit this the moment I got it and within minutes my room smelt like coconuts and I was in heaven. The candle is said to have an approx. burn time of 35 hours so for the price it's a total bargain! This is my first time buying products from Bomb Cosmetics and I have had a wonderful experience start to finish, I will definitely be buying more from these guys in the future and no doubt will be recommending them to people I know as well!

Have you ever shopped at Bomb Cosmetics? Do you have a favourite product?

Thanks for reading!

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