Tuesday, 11 February 2014

DIY: Valentine's Nail Art (Beginner)

I'm one of these people who gets bored easily and ends up painting their nails to kill time, and yesterday evening I didn't blog so I had the evening to myself and thought I'd sit and attempt a little bit more nail art. Now I'd seen this design pop up on google images when I was searching for ideas and although it's better suited to someone with longer nails I thought I'd give it a go.
So for this design I applied a base coat, then Maybelline Colour Show nail polish in 'Sugar Crystals', I'm a big fan of these because they're cheap, don't chip easily and come in a vast array of colours. I bought this colour back in January because it's the perfect nude pink with a hint of a silver shimmer running through it, perfect for the pastel trend this spring and also a good base for French tips. For the heart shaped ends of my nails I used 2true fast dry nail polish in 'Shade 1' I've replaced this nail polish colour 3 times because it's a favourite of mine in the summer, I think it looks great with a tan and if I had to name it I'd call it flamingo pink since it's a really tropical shade. I didn't have the patience to make a template so although I'm pleased with my results I do wish I hadn't gone free hand and they were all even.  Ironically even though I'm left handed I managed to paint the design better onto my left with my right one! To finish off I used the Sally Hansen quick dry top coat which is a total miracle product for me because I have a tendency to smudge them whilst they're still tacky. So I would describe this as alternative french tips in a way, only with half hearts. 

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