Friday, 7 February 2014

Interior Design: My Bedroom

Today I picked up a cute new decoration for my room, this really simple but fun heart was from a local craft store in a small town near me for only £5. Those that know me (or follow my instagram @gmarfe) will know that I'm pretty artistic, so when I saw this I was really struck by the simplicity and inspired to get a little crafty. I have tins and tins of buttons at home so I'll get experimenting and you guys will be the first to know if I create a masterpiece! 
But I couldn't just post this heart and be done with blogging for the day because that seems a little bit boring, so I thought whilst my room was all tidy I'd post a few photos of it and in particular what's on my walls.
 (No bed photo because I was too lazy to make it at the time!)

I'm always intrigued when you see other bloggers rooms in the background of their photos to see what they're like and get some style tips. Now my room may not be everybody's cup of tea but I adore it, I love the colour cream (if it's considered a colour I'm not sure..) but in my opinion it's great for a smaller bedroom like mine because it gives the illusion of space; along with mirrors to reflect the light. It also means I can change & update my room easily whenever I want by changing the colours of the details inside, for example two years ago I had green rugs, green bedding etc. but now I've chosen to add accents of pink and gold instead. I suppose you'd describe my room as looking shabby chic/french.
I like the small finishing touches I've added to make it personal like the fairy lights and butterflies around my wall clock or the vintage framed print. But my favourite thing in my room has got to be my mirrored door double wardrobe, although I'm still running out of clothes space! 

I hope you enjoyed this post since it's a little different from the previous ones!




  1. Your walls look so lovely, I love the colour combination! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog x

  2. Your room is so pretty :) Love the heart and the colours ! x xxx

  3. I am in love with the clock!!
    Your walls look lovely :)

  4. Your room looks lovely!


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