Friday, 14 March 2014

Vintage Decor: Teacup Candle

Hey Everyone!

Today my Mum picked up this gorgeous candle for me from a local vintagey store, I don't know what you'd call it exactly but it's filled with loads of shabby chic bits and lovely ornate pieces of furniture, mirrors etc. 
I was so happy with this because I actually have quite a few china plates and jars in this pink pattern, but before you all laugh and think I'm some kind of old woman let me explain. 
Growing up I watched my mum collect the blue version of this china and she now has a beautiful dresser in our kitchen with the full set. As a kid I was desperate for my own and with my favourite colour being pink I've slowly gone about collecting a few key pieces for my room. I hope that when I have my own house I can have a dresser full of lovely china to display too. 

Do you collect anything or have you bought anything new for your room?

Thanks for reading!

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