Saturday, 18 October 2014

A/W 14 Style Hack - The Classic Moschino Belt 'Must Have' Essential Accessory

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I was particularly excited when I woke up today to find a parcel on the kitchen table, I'd ordered something online weeks ago and had completely forgotten about it! I tore into it immediately to find the 'must have' fashion item that I had been dreaming about for months - literally. 

I've always been aware of the amount of celebrities and fashion icons who own a Moschino Belt. You can't flip through a copy of a magazine without seeing one cinching in someone's waist, I had to have one! So after months of searching on end for one at a reasonable price I am finally the proud owner of this iconic belt. 

Now usually I'm not one for large branding, but I love the simplicity of it's design. The striking gold letters mounted onto the thick black leather make it strikingly unforgettable. I love how versatile it is too, easy to dress up or down. Pair it with frayed denim shorts for a more relaxed look, or wrap it around a high waisted black bodycon skirt for a touch of added sophistication and style.

Belts are an easy way to create curves where there are none on a more slender frame, or can really define your waist creating the illusion of it being smaller than it is when you're curvier. A big celebrity fan of the Moschino Belt is Kim Kardashian, and I think I speak for must of us when I say I am jealous of her feminine curves.

I can't wait to add this to my outfits, I feel like everyone should own one of these. Especially as it's so on trend for A/W14, it's a style essential! And if I can find someone else able to use my SLR without getting overwhelmed by all the buttons I will post some of the outfits I manage to create with it.

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