Sunday, 9 November 2014

Favourite Fragrance: Carolina Herrera - 212 Sexy


I hope you've all had a lovely week, I haven't had much time to blog lately but today I've decided to share my favourite perfume at the moment with you and hopefully help you out with my quick tip on how to find other fragrances which suit you!

In my experience, finding the perfect fragrance can be a chore. There are so many different bottles and potions available on the high street that it can all get a bit overwhelming when it comes to deciding what you want. And when you finally find one that you like, it's hard to stray away from your 'signature scent.' 

Even I am guilty of this, I have two perfumes I have purchased repeatedly. My long term relationship with Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle is no secret to everyone I know, this classic scent is undoubtedly my favorite and most likely will remain my number one for years to come. The other scent I have an affinity for is Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP, I first discovered this a couple of years ago when I bought the gift set at Gatwick Airport prior to my holiday. I'm never sure whether I like this perfume so much because of it's smell or because I whenever I wear it I am transported back through my memories of my holiday.

So when it came to my birthday this year, I asked for either of these perfumes from my family. But as I previously mentioned with so many fragrances available in the shops, it can be easy to mix them up. So when it turned out that they'd bought be a bottle of Carolina Herrera - 212 Sexy, I did feel a little panicked. Buying perfume for someone is very personal and can be difficult, I imagined not liking the smell and having to wear it daily and telling them all how much I loved it until it had all been used up. However upon testing it out, I was pleasantly surprised by this gorgeous perfume, and now think of the mix up as a blessing in disguise.

With heart notes of floral gardenia and cotton candy. Alongside spicy citrus top notes with mandarin pink pepper and base notes of sandalwood and vanilla. Experts describe the perfume as feminine, sensual and sexy. Which I have to agree, perfectly describes it!

So after looking this perfume up on Google, I discovered that there was a connection between Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, 212 VIP and 212 Sexy. They all have the same notes in common, with slightly different variations. I have learnt from this that I am attracted to perfumes with a musky vanilla base, a citrus kick for the top notes and heart notes of white florals. Information on what ingredients make up perfumes is available online, and for me personally, learning this has helped me to venture out and try new fragrances which follow the same note pattern.

I really hope that you've enjoyed reading this, and that this has helped you to decide which scent you'll buy next!
I've told you my favourites, now share yours with me! What's your signature perfume?




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