Friday, 5 December 2014

December Christmas Wishlist


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday all done and dusted, last minute shopping is well and truly at the forefront of everyone's minds. This has been made particularly evident to me by my boyfriend, friends and family all badgering me with the same question on their lips..

'What do you want for Christmas?'

This got me thinking about what I'd really be pleased to receive this year, which proved to be quite difficult due to the fact that I'm lucky enough to say that I don't actually need anything. 

But to make things easier I thought I'd put together a little post about the things I've seen around lately that would undoubtedly make me smile.

(P.S. To anyone I know who's actually bothered to read this, these are just ideas and I don't expect to receive them haha!)

First up, Cosmetics and Beauty gifts - a guaranteed winner every time:

1. MAC Minerlize Skinfinish powder - £22
2. MAC 'Russian Red' matte lipstick (never gotten round to owning one of these beauties and this shade looks stunning) - £15
3. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle eau de parfum - Price varies according to size
4. Ciaté nail polish 'Candyfloss' & 'Boudoir' - £9
5. EOS lip balms (always wanted to try these) - Only available online as they're an American brand, prices vary
6. GHD Sunset Straighteners (mine are in desperate need of being replaced) - £109

Quirky Office / Work Goodies - being sat at my desk all day can get boring but some cheerful stationary can perk me up! (All these items are from Paperchase):

1. Novelty squirrel pen - £5.75
2. Billy bear pink exercise book - £5
3. Fluffy kangaroo pen - £2.75
4. Novelty panda highlighters - £5
5. Fineliner sharpies (I've been dying to try out sharpie tattoos ever since my boyfriend volunteered as a guinea pig) - £13

Wishlist items - these are a few more practical items I've been meaning to buy forever but never get round to!:

1. Moleskin Art journal (great for any drawings I do in the new year) - Available in all good book stores, prices vary based on size 
2. Bear feet slippers (I couldn't find any pictures of what I mean but they're literally feet that look like they belong to a bear!) - I've seen them around, I have a feeling in BHS but not 100% sure...
3. Clear domed 'snowglobe' heart umbrella (this umbrella is so unique! The handle has tiny sequin hearts in!) - Available from UmbrellaHeaven online for £15

And finally a bit of sparkle! All available from Pandora:

1. Tiara 'princess' ring 
2. Star stacker ring
3. Valentine's heart ring (I wanted to buy this for myself back on Valentine's Day but felt sad about buying it for myself at the time haha) 
4. Various Pandora charms (all the charms are beautiful, personally I am trying to keep my bracelet colour neutral so I can wear it with everything but the little pink heart definitely popped out at me!) - Various prices

So that's my Christmas list for Santa Claus this year, hopefully I've been good!
But let's not forget that this time of year isn't about receiving gifts it's about spending time with your loved ones and being able to give them a gift that makes them smile.

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Thank you for reading!



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