Saturday, 31 January 2015

Flash Tattoos - Fashion Fad or 'Must Have' Summer Accessory?

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It's that time of year again when the shops are rotating round their stores to make way for the new Spring / Summer trends, we've already started to see that a few of the new season fashion items have made their way onto the shelves. 

But nothing seems to have whipped up a social media storm quite like Flash Tattoos - the temporary transfer tattoos in gorgeous metallic shades available here.
(All images used in this post were taken the Flash Tattoo website)

The thought process behind these is so clever, we're all suckers for jewellery and with tattoos growing in popularity amongst our generation, I think it's exciting that they've managed to combine these two things into something new. It's an easy way to add a bit of sparkle to complete your bikini without having to worry about losing a bracelet or necklace in the sand!

Flash tattoos really conjure imagery of distant tropical shores and sipping cocktails poolside and they have definitely evoked the desire for a holiday in me! Already made popular in the celebrity world, stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Alessandra Ambrosio and even Beyonce have all been snapped adorned with these stunning designs - do we even need any further motivation to go out and purchase these??

They come in a variety of styles and designs, ranging from Egyptian hieroglyphics to more eclectic bohemian patterns. There are literally so many to choose from I don't even know where to begin!
But I do know that these are firmly at the top of my wishlist: Nikki, Dakota & Zahra
(No I'm not talking gibberish, the tattoo packs all have different names).

As beautiful as these tattoos are though, the thought I just can't shake from my mind is - if I wear these in the summer sun, will I end up with weird shaped tan lines?

What are your thoughts on flash tattoos? Will you be adding them to your wishlist?

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