Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Perfect Pout - Rose & Co. Lip Balm Review

Hello and a Happy Belated New Year to all of you!

It's been a little while since my last post, but it's 2015 now and I'm ready to write my first blog of this year.

Anyone who read my post last year revealing my extensive lip balm collection will know that I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to lip butters, particularly if they happen to reside in a beautiful tin. So when I received a gorgeous lip balm set in my stocking from my Mum, it was an obvious choice to share with all of you.

This lip balm gift set is from 'Rose & Co.'
(I must confess I was not very familiar with this cosmetic company, I had heard of them but was not fully aware of the vast array of products they had for sale.)

The cute, vintage design of the balm tins, is mirrored throughout their website. Inspiration clearly taken from traditional 1940's styling, their products wouldn't look out of place on Marilyn Monroe's dressing table.

Don't let the high end retro packaging deter you though, their products are extremely affordable. The perfect pick me up when the purse strings are a little tight after your Boxing Day sale blowout!

My gift set consisted of 3 lip balm tins, all tinted in in various degrees of Red and individually scented:
Strawberry Crush / Cherry Kiss / Rose Petal

As far as the quality of the products, I have no complaints. They don't feel like some cheaper brands of lip balm (I've been open minded in experimenting with obscure brands in the past and been disappointed with their hard, 'chemically' textures) the consistency of the jelly is soft, buttery and succeeded in smoothing my chapped lips whilst achieving a natural kissable blush.

I like to keep one inside my handbag, my makeup bag and one on my bedside so I'll never be caught out with a less than perfect pout. My personal favourite of the three, is 'Strawberry Crush' I simply adore the tempting taste, it's nearly good enough to eat! Plus the iconic 40's pin up girl on the lid of the tin is perfection in my eyes, as I've always had an interest in the fashion, makeup and styling of the era.
That said all three make wonderful additions to my collection and truly were the perfect gifts for me!

Are you familiar with Rose & Co. products? Do you have a favourite?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time!



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