Saturday, 28 March 2015

Latest in Beauty: The Soap House Co. Lip Balm Review


As a self confessed lip gloss lover I am always on the look out for the next best beauty balm to add to my extensive collection. So when I found out about The Soap House Co. I was pretty excited to put their products to the test. 
I managed to get my hands on two of their all natural, handmade lip balms in Tiramisu and Cherry to put through their paces.

By now most of you will know I'm a sucker for products with 'vintage' packaging, personally it adds to the overall appeal and whilst some people may look at the transparent pots as lacking in design and character, I look at it as a nod to the all natural ingredients packed inside. The motto 'less is more' is definitely true in this case, and more often than not I find the most exotically packaged items to be the most misleading in the beauty world.

The balm itself is similar to Vaseline but is a little lighter and doesn't create that thick, greasy feeling that other lip products can have a tendency to do. I'm a big fan of the fact that these aren't tinted as well, they're perfect for just popping into my handbag and applying to chapped lips on the go, or just keeping by my bedside for my nightly beauty regime. Either way, they definitely work wonders to soothe and soften my lips after a long day at work in the drying offiice air con or as protection from the cold British weather.

As far as the scents are concered the Tiramisu is the perfect blend of chocolate and coffee that no word of a lie literally smells like the traditional Italian dessert! Trying not to eat this product is a little tricky too when you love Tiramisu as much as me. Not to be forgotten though, I was pleasantly surprised by the Cherry flavour, other products I've purchased in this scent have been a little less fruity and more chemically in their aromas. This however was a refreshing change, it wasn't overwhelming but subtly sweet and maybe it's just my senses but was also a little bit of a nostalgic throwback to the Playdough I used to play with as a kid.

Both the scents are gorgeous so picking a favourite out of the two is tough, but I think the Cherry balm just wins it. However in 11 scents, 4 of which are allergen free you'll be hard pushed to discover one you didn't like! Plus at only £3.99 per pot, you can pick up one of these beauty bargains without breaking your bank. 

Do you have a favourite lip balm flavour? Let me know.

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