Sunday, 13 September 2015

Primark Haul: 'Sweet Vanilla & Coconut' Scented Candles

When it comes to home furnishings and interior design, they say that it's the small details that make a house a home, and I couldn't agree more. 

When I'm out shopping at the weekend, I'm forever finding myself drawn to the selection of furnishings in the homeware departments - perhaps it's my creative side, longing to have a go at decorating my own place for the first time, but I really get a buzz out of glassware, clocks and tiny pot! For now though, I have to remain satisfied with giving my room a a few décor adjustments here and there. 

In contrast to my previous weekend's purchase of a tiny cactus - I left the garden centre absolutely beaming over my miniature potted plant, complete with a small, silver bucket. My boyfriend and I even named him Juan, tying in nicely with his South American origins! This Saturday I discovered the beauty of Primark's A/W15 homewares, in particular their candles. 

Browsing through their selection of products made me feel particularly keen for the winter months ahead. From reindeer and evergreen tree, festive bedsheets to twinkling lights and furry throws, I felt like I wanted to take all their furnishings home with me and celebrate Christmas 3 months in advance! Thankfully for my bank account, I restricted myself to the purchase of a couple of gorgeous, silver candles instead.

I always feel people underestimate the transformative power of candles, they can not only fill your house with wonderful aromas but also create such a beautiful and homely atmosphere, through their subdued, flickering glow. 

When I set my eyes for the first time I initially fell head over heels for the gorgeous glass jars they were set in. The combination of textured glass and interior, silver coating, gave them an almost Moroccan feel to them. I love the fact that these candles will not only look beautiful whether their light or not, but will also make sweet, handy jars that I'll be able to keep once they've been burnt down. 

Aesthetics aside, the most important factor when purchasing a candle is whether the scent appeals to you. These particular ones are 'Sweet Vanilla & Coconut,' which are simply perfect for me, as I am a self-professed lover of all things coconut! Sugary sweet, but not overwhelming or sickly, the aroma of these candles is amazing. According to the label, they're said to burn for up to 12 hours. Although this may not be the longest life span in comparison to more deluxe, luxury candles available to purchase, I can't complain for the price I paid. At £2.00 each, I was over the moon with my budget, décor fix and will love them for as long as they last me!

I did see that these candles were also available to purchase in pink, as opposed to silver jars. I think that the scent was 'Red Berry & Jasmine' although don't hold me to that as I'm not 100% certain! I really wanted to pick those up too because of the pastel jars, but sadly I wasn't particularly fond of the aroma, so it sort of defeated the point.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! 

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