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Review: Latest in Beauty's 'Little Treasures' Perfume Samples Beauty Box

Latest in Beatuy & Perfume Society 'Little Treasures' Beauty Box

Everyone has their signature scent that they'll treat themselves to over and over again, for me it's Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - I can't even begin to explain how much I love it! However it is one of the more pricier perfumes on the market and because of this, I don't treat myself to a new bottle the very moment it runs out. This means I'm usually left without a fragrance for a month or so in between purchases which can be a little frustrating.

Latest in Beatuy & Perfume Society 'Little Treasures' Beauty BoxLatest in Beatuy & Perfume Society 'Little Treasures' Beauty Box

With this in mind you can imagine my excitement when Latest in Beauty teamed up with The Perfume Society and created a variety of exquisite, sample boxes of miniature perfumes that you could test and try before you go out and purchase the full size bottle. I think it's a really lovely idea and even my boyfriend commented on how he wished there was something similar to this for men - who knows maybe there is somewhere! Still available to purchase on the LIB website, there are three perfume boxes to try: Little Treasures, Florals & Florentials and Designer Discoveries - since I'm not particularly fond of floral scents or high street designer perfumes I personally opted for the Little Treasures box.

Latest in Beatuy & Perfume Society 'Little Treasures' Beauty Box
Latest in Beatuy & Perfume Society 'Little Treasures' Beauty Box

I was a little hesitant initially to purchase the box, imagining that I would only receive a handful of handbag sized samples in a little parcel, but I'm so glad I stuck with my instincts and treated myself!

When I received the box in the post last week, I was overwhelmed with complete excitement upon lifting the lid. Not only was the box completely stuffed to the brim with miniature perfumes and other goodies but there were gorgeous postcard-style cards inside explaining the unique compositions of the fragrances and a little extra information on each them. Everything about the box exuded luxurious mystery and I genuinely took absolute delight in discovering each sample inside.

The contents of the box included:

♥ Carolina Herrera CH Eau de Parfum Sublime 5ml
♥ Liz Earle Essence No15 2ml

♥ L'ArtisaN Parfumeur Mur et Musc 1.5ml
♥ Shay & Blue Atropa Belladonna 2ml
♥ Agonist Onyx Pearl 2ml
♥ Atelier Cologne Cédrat Enivrant Cologne Absolue 2ml
♥ Mary Greenwell Plum 2ml
♥ Yardley Jade 1ml
♥ L'Occitane Thé Verte Bigarade 7.5ml
♥ Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial oil 5ml

Latest in Beatuy & Perfume Society 'Little Treasures' Beauty Box
Latest in Beatuy & Perfume Society 'Little Treasures' Beauty Box

After a quick tester spritz of each, I decided to start off wearing the largest L'Occitane bottle, the fragrance is light, fresh and very natural making it perfect for everyday wear. It's a little zestier than my usual perfumes but that's why I think this box is such a fantastic idea - you get to switch up your perfumes and try something new!

The other bottle I've found myself wearing a lot is Carolina Herrera. As a massive fan of her 212 VIP and 212 Sexy fragrances, I wasn't disappointed by this little wonder! Described on the card as a combination of Bergamont, Passion Flower, Rose, Orchid, Patchouli, Leather, Amber & Oakmoss, for me the heart note is definitely the Rose and the scent overall takes on a decidedly sensual, alluring and feminine fragrance - the kind you'd wear on a first date or night out. 

Latest in Beatuy & Perfume Society 'Little Treasures' Beauty Box
Latest in Beatuy & Perfume Society 'Little Treasures' Beauty Box

As for the assortment of other samples, there's so many I haven't even had a chance to properly try them yet out so I won't fill my review up by commenting on products I can't pass judgement on. Overall though I can say that for £12.50 the 'Little Treasures' box is definitely an excellent purchase for fragrance aficionados! It's very affordable and you do get a lot for your money inside. I really hope to see more collaborations like this from Latest in Beauty in the future, I purchased their Heart Essentials box back in the Spring and they continue to impress me with their curated collections!

Let me know below if you've recently purchased a beauty box from Latest in Beauty - I'd love to know what you thought. 

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