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Wishlist: The Best 'Must-Have' Beauty Advent Calendars for Christmas 2015

I have very distinct memories of my the run up to Christmas as a child, the same routines and traditions occurring on a loop each year. My mum putting the tree up the very first weekend of December, letting me and my sister decorate it, then redecorating it in secret overnight (to be honest I don't blame her at all, you don't tend to grasp the idea of visual aesthetics as a kid.) The early morning supermarket journeys to stock up on Christmas essentials in a desperate attempt to avoid the frantic festive shoppers, and of course the annual purchasing of advent calendars. 

I can remember my sister always asking for some sort of chocolate calendar, the idea of opening a piece of chocolate from behind a door appealed to her sweet tooth. But personally I always begged my mum for the picture calendars. Intricate scenes of winter wonderlands, interspersed with miniature woodland creatures, gathered around Santa's sleigh with lashings of glitter to finish, really captured my imagination. 

Even though I'm 21 in under a month, the idea of an advent calendar remains an exciting part of the countdown to Christmas. However my tastes have become a little more refined with age, and I'm keen to try out a beauty advent calendar this year.

The last few years have really seen huge developments in the battle of the beauty calendars between the brands. The packaging seems to get more and more ostentatious, as does the quality and selection of the goods inside. 

To help me make a decision on which calendar I'd like to try most this year, I've curated a list of the best beauty advent calendars on the highstreet right now. You may be sat here right now thinking isn't this post a little early? But let me tell you, these beauty selections don't tend to hang around for very long! So in order to avoid missing out on the glorious selections this year, I'm preparing my advent wishlist.

 1. Benefit Cosmetics Party Poppers - £34.50

One of the most sought after beauty calendars on the high street in previous years, Benefit's creation this year has taken a unique twist. Still filled with the cult classics we all love ranging from miniatures of High Beam highlighter to Lollitint blush, the calendar is said to sing to you upon opening it - whether this'll get annoying, I guess we'll have to wait and see! Priced reasonably and stuffed to the brim with beauty staples, I'd be willing to bet that this'll get snapped up quick as soon as it hits the shelves in November!

2. Ciaté Mini Mani Month - £49

The essential advent calendar for anyone with a penchant for nail polish, Ciate's Mini Mani Month allows you to very literally paint your nails a different hue each day through advent. For those who are familiar with the brand, you'll know the top notch quality of the polishes, both high gloss and very resistant to chipping. Although I completely adore the quintessentially British packaging, if I'm going to be purchasing a calendar, I'd like a little more variation in the contents - just my personal preference!

3. Liberty - £149

Undeniably one of the most luxurious advent calendars on the market, Liberty's lavish product range, blended with beautifully, printed packaging, is both a work of art and a Christmas present within it's own right. Though I don't think I'll be splashing out quite so much on a treat for myself this season, I can't leave it off of this definitive list - a girl can dream right?!

4. Jo Malone - £260

Although once again, I simply cannot justify spending such an amount on a calendar for myself just yet, Jo Malone's calendar is exactly what my dreams are made of. Crafted to mimic a decadence of a traditional, Georgian town house, the calendar is packed with miniature perfumes and scented body creams. Undoubtedly appealing to my fragrance loving side, I wish I could carelessly splash out on such a purchase, but for this year at least, it'll have to remain firmly on my dream Christmas list for Santa.

5. The Body Shop - £60 / £80

If you struggle to make decisions, you may want to look away from your screen right now, as The Body Shop is taking advent calendars to a whole other level this year - the brand has not just one, but two calendars for you to choose! You'll be able to stand and ponder between the standard (achieving a saving of more than £30 in comparison to the items being purchased individually) or the deluxe version which is packed with over £127 worth of goodies - an incredible saving of more than £47! As a complete sucker for a great bargain, I know if I set foot in store to purchase one of these, I'll walk away with the deluxe version - for that price and saving, it'd be hard to resist temptation!

6. L'Occitane Christmas is Coming! - £39

In contrast to the '12 Days of Christmas' selection last year, L'Occitane have raised their game and created a gorgeous, illustrated calendar, featuring 24 miniature products from their luxurious skin, hair and body selections. A selection of sumptuous beauty products at such a reasonable price - what's not to like! 

7. Charlotte Tilbury The Book of Makeup Magic - £150
Charlotte Tilbury will continue to dominate the world of beauty this Christmas, with her latest creation - The Book of Makeup Magic. The advent calendar is wonderfully packaged to take on the form of book, which wouldn't look out of place in one of Harry Potter's potions classes, yet contains an assortment of magical, miniature and full sized products from Charlotte's best-selling lines. Though the calendar is a little pricier than my desired budget, I'd definitely consider getting my hands on one of these. Having only tried and tested Charlotte Tilbury's K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Sachets (which I love!), I'd love to put the rest of her products to the test and see if they all live up to their hype.

8. House of Fraser - £20

Said to behold a little bit of everything, this beauty calendar has been dubbed the perfect starter kit to build up your makeup collection from scratch. Featuring House of Fraser's own beauty brand 'Colour Couture,' the calendar will present to you a mix of miniature products at a very reasonable price. In comparison to the previous calendars on the list, this particular one looks considerably more basic, but if you're sticking to a strict budget, or planning on splashing out on Christmas gifts for your loved ones, this calendar allows you to own a beauty calendar for an affordable price. 

9. Selfridges - £95

There's nothing quite like strolling past Selfridges' lavishly-decorated shop windows and peeking in at all the sparkling products available to purchase in store during the Christmas period. And like the beauty halls of the iconic department store, this advent calendar is guaranteed capture your heart. Filled with luxurious beauty essentials from the likes of Lancome, YSL and Victor and Rolf, like previous years the calendar is bound to be snapped up shortly after landing on the shelves - it pays to pre order or act quickly if you're lusting after this particular calendar!

Thank you for reading my post!

Do you have a personal advent calendar favourite shown here - let me know below

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