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Born Pretty Store Makeup Review - 'Liquid Moisturising' Long-Lasting Lip Gloss Pen

Born Pretty Lipgloss


So anyone who read my last Born Pretty review post will know that I was approached by the company and asked to select a couple of products in return for honest reviews of the products, and today's post is no different!

As my second Born Pretty product to review I opted for a lip gloss - not at all my usual type of make up product, as I tend to stick with velvet finish lipsticks in dark shades. Stepping out of my comfort zone I chose to give the 'Liquid Moisturising' Long-Lasting Lip Gloss Pen in Shade 02 a go.

Born Pretty Lipgloss

 If I'm honest the main motive behind picking this product out was once again the packaging, like the waterproof eyeliner from my previous post, the box looked completely gorgeous and my immediate thoughts were 'that is so bloggable,' because I know you all, like me, go crazy for something floral and cute!

Moving onto the actual product I was actually completely shocked by the colour, it was much much brighter than I anticipated it to be - I was expecting a bright pink but not quite this vivid, something a little more natural. But not one to be beaten by a beauty product, I still decided to put it through its paces and let you all know about how I found it. 

The pen itself is very handy, a twist up design allows you to push up exactly the right amount of lipgloss you need, meaning you'll never waste any unnecessary amounts of product. I always love the fact that the packaging is clear, because you can see how much you use and how much is left - nothing more annoying than not realising you've run out of one of your everyday essentials! 

Born Pretty Lipgloss

Whilst the applicator brush and pen are really practical and well made, the lip gloss itself is where I had a little bit of a 'sticky situation.' Thicker than the other lip glosses I own, this particular product is more reminiscent of Lancรดme's Juicy Tubes in consistency - if you're a fan of thick lip products then this is definitely for you!

Because the consistency was thicker than I initially anticipated, I had a little trouble applying it evenly to my lips, but once I got into the swing of it I was able to give myself an even coverage. Highly pigmented and very glossy indeed, I can see why it's called 'liquid moisturising!' As the title suggests the product did stay in place for multiple hours without smudging, but I have to be honest and say I was very aware of it on my mouth - if you're more of a 'less is more' kind of girl when it comes to lip balms, I wouldn't recommend this for your barely-there look. 

*Please excuse my onesie, I was have a super relaxing afternoon when I took these photos for this post and really didn't feel like getting changed - hopefully you understand the comfort levels & share the same love for onesies as I do! 

Born Pretty Lipgloss Test

That said for a night out on the town this lip gloss will provide the perfect finishing touch to your makeup by adding an irresistibly shiny pop of colour to your pout. So if you're intrigued to give this product a go, or discover more in Born Pretty Store's extensive beauty range, I've got a little code for you all to try out!

If you enter GEOH10 at the checkout you'll receive 10% off your entire order - you'll be able to grab yourself a real bargain with this, since everything on their website is pretty affordable!

I hope I've inspired you to have a little browse through their products and discover some of their hidden gems for yourself - let me know if anything in particular catches your eye!

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