Saturday, 7 November 2015

Nails of the Day: Nails Inc London Nail Polish - Hyde Park Place

It's typical isn't it, it's been relatively dry all week outside whilst I've been stuck inside my office at work, it hits the weekend and the heavens open! So I guess my nail polish choice for the today is pretty suited to the rubbish winter weather I'm currently experiencing - it's barely light enough to even take decent photos for this post!

I'm a massive fan of muted nail polish shades, don't get me wrong I love deep shades of red and purple too, but lately it's been all about the nude pinks & cafĂ© latte shades - so when I rediscovered this Nails Inc polish in the shade 'Hyde Park Place' I knew it'd be making an appearance during my weekend pampering sesh. 

This polish originally came in a pack of four polishes and weirdly I also ended up receiving the exact same shade again a year later within my Latest in Beauty box - which was super handy considering how gorgeous this colour is!

Sadly for me my nails really don't grow much longer than they are in these pictures, they're so soft and break really easily, so if anyone is taking any miracle-working nail supplements tell me your secrets! I do like the fact that this post has allowed me to try on some of my favourite jewellery pieces for y'all, including some of the newest Pandora charms I was lucky enough to receive for my 21st - I mean how cute is the little bunny charm *insert heart eyes emoji lol*


If you're looking for a unique hue, I'd definitely say grey is the way to go. I see so many beautiful white manicured nails on Instagram but because I'm rocking the pale winter look, white nails just don't look all that on me, so this is a fantastic alternative.

What nail polish shade are you loving at the moment, or can you reccommend me a brand or colour to try out? Leave me a comment below! 

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