Sunday, 29 November 2015

Vaseline Limited Edition 'Sugar Coated' Lip Balm Review

Anyone who's been following my blog for a while will know about my obsession with lip balms, but for those of you who are new to my blog, I'll give you a little insight into what I mean.

Not only have I got an extensive collection of lip balm tins (I seem to pick up at least one every time I see one I don't own yet) but I have somehow managed to collect every single Vaseline flavour that's been available over the years, even the Limited Edition ones like the original Lulu Guinness tin and the extended Lulu Guinness collection. And to top off my obsessive behaviour, I have them all stored inside a giant Vaseline tin that I received a few years back. Hope that's given you all a little background history - I'm officially the 'Crazy Lip Balm Lady.'

Anyway as you can imagine, when I happened to stumble upon the exciting new Vaseline Limited Edition Sugar Coated Lip Balm whilst I was out shopping, it was added into my basket without question.

The tin is gorgeous and undoubtedly one of my favourites yet, the tiny pink sugar crystals look so sweet! Inside, the balm has a subtle pink hue - unlike the rose tinted shades this one won't make your lips look any pinker, but will give them a sort of natural iridescence that's perfect for when you want to go 'au natural' for the day.

The scent, like the name suggests, is very sugary - who knew eh? But it also kind of reminds me of being a sweeter version of Vaseline's previous Limited Edition Pink Champagne flavour, so if you were a fan of that and are running out now, you should definitely replace it with this before it disappears!

I actually found my tin in Tesco, but you can pick this little gem up in Boots for £2.99, which isn't bad at all considering I'll pay up to £4.99 for a Balmi lip balm.

Have you tried Vaseline's Sugar Coated Lip Balm yet? Or do you have a lip balm staple you always go back to? Let me know below so I can expand my collection! 

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