Friday, 4 December 2015

The Perfect Christmas Stocking Filler: Dachshund 'Hug Me' Rings from My Pup Boutique

I'm so excited to share with you all my latest purchase, from a post I saw advertised on Facebook! Those who know me personally will know I'm obsessed with dogs of all shapes and sizes - I'm not fussy! But I have a particular soft spot in my heart for Pugs and Sausage Dogs - growing up as a kid we had a little pug called Rosie and she provided so many hilarious moments and much love to my whole family. I just love the way that dogs will love you unconditionally and there's no limit to their affection. 

Anyway when I saw a page called 'My Pup Boutique' pop up on Facebook saying they were giving away free Dachshund Rings on their website, I clicked straight over and bought one for myself. It wasn't technically free since I still had to pay for shipping but I didn't care, the ring was too sweet to leave behind.

The 'Hug Me' design makes it look like you have a miniature Sausage Dog wrapped around your finger and is fully adjustable so it'll fit all finger sizes. Though it was available in Bronze, Silver or Black, I chose the Bronze. The little face on the Dachshund is so cute and has so much personality, it's a real fun and quirky statement piece!

My Pup Boutique specialise in products for almost every breed of dog, whether you have a penchant for Poodles, a calling for Chihuahuas or a passion for Pomeranians, every single one of their rings is free - you only have to pay for the cost of shipping! So if you have a friend or loved one who's after a puppy for Christmas, I'd definitely recommend this as a stocking filler for them!

In an attempt to further satisfy the sausage dog sized void in my life at the minute, I've done a little surfing on the internet to find the cutest Dachshund themed essentials..
(anyone reading this who I know, I really love the PJs *hint hint nudge nudge*)

(left to right)
1. New Look Grey Split Sausage Dog Heart Print Socks - £1.99
2. Topshop Sausage Dog Tape Dispenser - £11
3. ASOS Sausage Dog Tee & Short Pyjama Set - £20
4. Alexis Dove Sausage Dog Jumper Pendant - £110
5. Accessorize All Over Sausage Dog Sock - £3.50
6. Not On The High Street Doggy Fabric Keyrings Dachshund - £6
7. Etsy Sausage Dog in a Jumper Illustrated Print - £5.00
8. Oh Deer Dachshund Anatomy Postcard - £0.75
9. Accessorize Mr & Mrs Sausage Dog Socks - £3.50

Do you have a pet dog, if so what breed is it? I'd love to get to know you all a little better and find out! 

Until next time..


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