Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A Place Called Home: Alphabet Candles To Fall In Love With

Marks & Spencer's Scented Alphabet 'G' Candle in Gold Packaging
Having recently moved house and had the chance to update / redecorate my living space, I've been noticing that homeware stores and furnishings have been capturing my attention more than usual. And in my quest to obtain a Pinterest-worthy bedroom, I've been finding little gems to embellish my room here and there. 

As you know, no blogging space is complete without the following clich├ęs:

- A clean, white space or marble worktop
- An endless stream of fresh flowers 
- A variety of boutique candles

Whilst I'm still in the process of working out how exactly to incorporate marble into my room, along with who's going to be funding my weekly bouquet of flowers, I did stumble upon a total bargain candle in M&S.

I was searching through the sale section on my lunch break when I found a totally chic and totally gorgeous 'G' initial candle. The striking gold, black and white packaging really reminds me of the home accessories you can purchase from Anthropologie - but the beauty of this little bargain was the fact that it was reduced in the sale! 

With a zesty grapefruit and invigorating ginger fragrance, the scent is so refreshing and perfect for the up-coming transition of the seasons, allowing me to desperately claw onto a reminder of the little bit of British sunshine we have left. 

I think they'd make wonderful gifts for friends and family around Christmas time (the dreaded C word I know!), so I may find myself paying M&S another visit to snap up some more letters! I don't think they'll be sticking around for very long, so unless everyone you know has a name starting with X, Y or Z, you should probably get shopping here too!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post - let me know if you think it's too early to be thinking about Christmas shopping?

Until next time..



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