Tuesday, 23 August 2016

GlassesShop Haul - Stylish New 'FP1053 - Clear' Glasses Review & Coupon Code!

GlassesShop.com - Stylish New 'FP0479 - Clear' Glasses Review
As someone who's literally worn glasses ever since I can remember, I often find myself longing for new frames in order to mix up my 'face-furniture' collection. So when I was presented with the chance to pick out a pair from GlassesShop.com, I jumped at the opportunity!

Long time followers of my blog may remember my previous post about GlassesShop.com, and how pleased I was with the selection of stylish yet affordable prescription glasses they stock. But if you didn't get to read my last lot of ramblings on my 'Winchester' frames, you can take a peek here.

This time round, I still wanted an equally unusual and fun pair to add to my collection but decided to step away from the vibrant colours and printed patterns, in favour of something a little more understated. In complete contrast to all of the black and tortoiseshell frames I've ever purchased, I settled on a 'clear' pair in order to satisfy my curiosity as to whether they'd suit me or not - after all if this was a hideous mistake it's not like I couldn't have worn them alone in the safety of my home. 

So I placed my order and before I knew it my glasses had landed on my door mat perfectly packaged and ready to wear! Each pair of glasses frames is shipped in a handy protective case, with a cleaning cloth to ensure that they stay as pristine as the day you purchased them (I'm really bad for absentmindedly chucking mine straight into my handbag, so I'm going to try really hard not to scratch and mark this pair!)

Anyway, I was delightfully surprised by how the clear frames actually suited me! I think they're the perfect choice for a lightweight, summer pair of glasses and they'll definitely be travelling along with me to Mexico next summer! The prescription lenses are as perfect as before and the frames incredibly comfortable to wear - not at all like some of the heavier frames I've owned in the past that can bring on unwanted headaches after being worn for long periods of time.

GlassesShop.com - Stylish New 'FP0479 - Clear' Glasses Review

Once again I've been overwhelmed by the wonderful quality, design and craftsmanship of GlassesShop.com's selection of frames, and though I was lucky enough to receive these particular frames in exchange for an honest product review, I think that their prices are extremely competitive to anyone who's used to paying high-street optician prices. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone who needs glasses or prescription sunglasses, and even those who don't - they offer the choice of having prescription of fashion lenses, for those who love the look of glasses but are lucky enough to have perfect vision!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, if you're particularly keen to purchases a new pair of frames for yourself, or fancy some sunny g's for your up-coming holiday. I have a code for you to use at the checkout for a huge 50% off the total price of your purchase: GSHOT50 

Just follow this link and enter the code above at the point of checkout.

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