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Autumn Style Edit: Fall in Love with Gemporia's Rose Gold Bridge Stacking Rings

Gemporia Bridge Collection Mini Rose Gold Diamond Stacking Ring
As consumers, we're all becoming more aware of both what's in our products and where the materials used to create them have been sourced from. Everything from fair trade food, to cruelty free makeup is becoming the norm, and I think it's wonderful, to see everyone begin to make savvier shopping choices in a bid to make the world a more ethical place. So why should your jewellery be any different?

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to be contacted by Gemporia, being given the opportunity to choose a piece of jewellery in exchange for an honest and fair review. And as someone who works within the jewellery industry, this opportunity was of course right up my street! 

Before having been contacted by the company, I have to admit they hadn't been on my radar. But after a very long time spent on their website, deliberating and lusting over exactly which gorgeous piece of jewellery I wanted to add to my collection, I was pleasantly surprised to discover what a forward-thinking, innovative company they are.

Gemporia Bridge Collection Mini Rose Gold Diamond Stacking Ring
Gemporia Bridge Collection Mini Rose Gold Diamond Stacking Ring
In the end I opted for a 1/4ct Diamond Rose Gold Vermeil Mini Bridge Stacking Ring - a design from their newest 'Bridge' collection, which isn't as simple as the apt design suggests. In fact the Bridge collection, is also a metaphor for how the company bypass the middle man, and go straight to the source to get their gemstones. Often the mining communities are incredibly remote and earn very little from their efforts, but Gemporia are actively working to change this, with £5 from every Bridge collection piece you purchase going directly towards improving these people's quality of life. I like the idea that the jewellery you wear, is giving back to someone in a charitable way, and though I have received this ring as a gift, I have already chosen the next stacking ring I'll be adding to my collection to help make a difference.

Gemporia Bridge Collection Mini Rose Gold Diamond Stacking Ring
I chose the rose gold design because I feel it's the perfect transitional metal as we head into Autumn, the fiery vermeil beautifully reflects the changing of the leaves and the comforting fireside glow of bonfire night. At first I was a little worried that the rose vermeil would disappear through wear, but can say that having worn the ring for three consecutive days, it's showing no signs of vanishing any time soon! Of course with any plated jewellery though, it's important to remove it when washing your hands or applying hand creams etc. if you want to keep it in tip top condition.

I'm all about the geometric-minimalism trend within jewellery at the moment, and adore the simplicity of the Bridge design, With a symmetrical arch, and linear stone setting, it's definitely a statement design whether worn stacked or solo. I love the way that the claws setting the diamonds are silver instead of rose too, so that they don't detract away from the glorious sparkle of the diamonds and also create a striking two-tone effect, meaning I'm more than happy to team this ring with both silver or rose accessories.

Gemporia Bridge Collection Mini Rose Gold Diamond Stacking Ring
When the colder weather sets in, I think it's really easy to slip into oversized knitwear, and choose comfort over style, but the addition of jewellery can transform even the simplest of knitted jumpers into elegant attire. Though I opted for a neutral gemstone, these gorgeous Bridge rings are available in an assortment of metals & hues - my personal favourites are the Thai Ruby and the Zambian Emerald, both of which are gorgeously festive! I don't know what it is about green gemstones, but ever since I cast my eyes over that image of Angelina Jolie wearing her iconic emerald earrings at an award ceremony, I've never been able to forget their alluring glow!

Gemporia Bridge Collection Mini Rose Gold Diamond Stacking Ring
Gemporia Bridge Collection Mini Rose Gold Diamond Stacking Ring
Gemporia use only genuine gemstones and precious metals to create their designs, and are working to bring affordable, luxury jewellery to everyone. They believe that beautiful jewellery shouldn't cost the earth, but also believe that it shouldn't be mass produced or run of the mill. and all of their designs are created in limited runs in order to maintain their exclusivity - what's not to love?

So if you're searching for affordable, ethical jewellery, that's beautifully innovative and contemporary within its design, I'd definitely recommend taking a peek at Gemporia's selection - trust me when I say you'll spend hours on their website lusting over their array of designs!

I hope you enjoyed my post, let me know what you think of their Bridge collection!

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