Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Trick or Treat: Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Halloween

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Halloween was definitely not a holiday we really celebrated in my house growing up (I wasn't allowed to go trick or treating and don't remember the day ever really being a thing) but as I've gotten older it's become a bit of an autumnal landmark in my calendar that I look forward to - after my birthday of course!
So I thought I'd share with you all why I particularly love this time of year in the hope that for those of you who're like me, and don't have any plans to dress up and go out this year, you can still find the same happiness as I can in the little things. 

1. Pumpkins

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As soon as I've celebrated my birthday at the beginning of the month, it's like a craving for pumpkins sets in. I want to carve them, eat them, bake with them, and even bathe in their goodness (thank you Lush for creating a pumpkin bath product!) If it was acceptable to wear them, I probably would. 

I was particularly proud of myself this year too, as I managed to make a delicious pumpkin pie for the first time - move over Blair Waldorf!

2. Candles

There's nothing quite like lighting candles at home to create a cosy, homely feel that makes you want to grab your snuggliest blanket and settle down for the evening. Or if you're feeling brave, pop on a horror film and you'll find they create the perfect ambience to complement every sudden jump scare along the way! I've even saved a couple of 'toasted marshmallow' scented candles to treat myself to this year.

Halloween Kylie Lip Kits & Lush Bath Bomb
3. Candy

Halloween is a holiday centred entirely around asking strangers for sweets. Though I've never been trick or treating myself, and am definitely well past the age where it's acceptable for me to go knocking on my neighbours doors, there's nothing stopping me from indulging in some sugary delights. After all if you wouldn't celebrate Easter without an egg, why would you not celebrate Halloween without some candy (see I've justified the extra calories for you).

4. Nostalgic Films

For me Halloween is definitely the perfect time to crack out some of your old favourite films, whether that means a magical Harry Potter marathon, or being spellbound by Practical Magic, there's no better way to spend a dark dreary evening than with some of your fave flicks. They don't even have to be scary if you're not in the mood to be sleeping with the light on!

5. Creativity

I feel like as every year passes and we adopt this American holiday as our own, we see more and more creativity being put into outfits and decorations. I could sit all day on Pinterest admiring everyone's artistic makeup, party favours and hand-made outfits, and I definitely get a little more excited each year to see what new twists everyone will be putting on their looks.

Halloween Kylie Lip Kits & Lush Bath Bomb
So now I've shared with you my favourite things about Halloween, why not tell me yours! Leave me a comment down below, I'd love to hear what you look forward to most, or if there's a film you can't not watch at this time of year!

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