Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Perfect LBD: Party Season 'Must-Haves' at Boutique of Molly

Boutique of Molly Fur Trim Dress
Every year us girls will head out to the shops in search of the perfect dress for the party season. We'll fight through the Christmas shoppers, try on hundreds of outfits and often leave feeling tired, hungry and more confused about the shapes and styles that really suit us - whoever said that shopping isn't hard work is wrong. 

So when I discovered Boutique of Molly online, I thought I'd give a little collaboration a go, in the hope of winning the party dress wars this year. As much as I love online shopping, I can find it a little overwhelming when I'm scrolling through page after page of clothing on some of the bigger online companies. But what I loved most about Boutique of Molly is that they're a smaller independant retailer, who stock a more select range of items, which as a true Libran is exactly what I need to make my decision making easier. 

After much deliberation I selected the Lissy Fur Trim Bodycon Dress. Every girl needs an LBD in their wardrobe and I just loved the added detailing of the fur trim, which in my opinion adds a wintery, festive twist to the look. Honestly though there are so many gorgeous dresses (not to mention the other clothing and accessories!) that no matter what your shape or style you'll find something to fall in love with.

Boutique of Molly Lissy Fur Trim Dress LDB Party Season
The Lissy Fur Trim dress is crafted from a really gorgeous stretch material, so it has a really lovely snug fit that makes you feel like you've got Kardashian curves. The high neckline is very flattering, balanced beautifully by the addition of the spaghetti straps - there's something very 90's slip dress about this which seems to be the go-to look for 2016! The fur trim falls to just on the knee on me, so it's verging on a midi dress - again super flattering!
Boutique of Molly Lissy Fur Trim Dress LDB Party Season Boutique of Molly Lissy Fur Trim Dress LDB Party Season Boutique of Molly Lissy Fur Trim Dress LDB Party Season
I'm saving my dress for a night out in December, but I already know I'll be pairing it with a pair of strappy black heels and my leather jacket, to add a little edge to the elegance of this piece. 

I'd definitely recommend heading over to the Boutique of Molly website to check out all of their new season wear. Their prices are really affordable, so you can grab a beautiful bargain without breaking the bank this Christmas! I'm already lusting after their designer-inspired 'Bruges' bag, which I'll be adding to my winter wishlist for Mr Claus this year. 

Have you discovered your perfect party season look yet? Let me know below!

Until next time..


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Christmas Crafting: DIY 'Sugar Plum Beary' Knitted Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Knitted Bear Tree Decorations Pattern
If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I recently took up knitting (and if you don't you should probably follow me, I'm super nice!). When I tell people I know that I actually really enjoy knitting, the usual response is laughter followed by them questioning my age - I've clearly got the soul of someone beyond my years, trapped in the body of a 22 year old. All jokes aside though, knitting and knitwear in general is experiencing a renaissance in the world of fashion, largely because of those giant arm-knitted blankets and the mermaid tail ones you see all over Etsy. Whilst I haven't mastered all the stitches yet, and I definitely won't be trying to knit my own clothing anytime soon, I do enjoy giving smaller projects a go because they're the perfect way to put in the practice!

Most of my knitting inspiration has been divided between Pinterest and Ravelry, I am HUGELY in awe of all the amazing creativity I've seen across those websites and find everyone's designs so fascinating.

Christmas Knitted Bear Tree Decorations Pattern
Since we're hurtling towards Christmas at an alarming rate, I wanted to work on a small design that I could alter slightly to make it my own. So when I stumbled across this particular pattern on Pinterest, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. 

Christmas Knitted Bear Tree Decorations Pattern
I purchased the sparkliest, festive wool I could find, and have created what I fondly refer to as 
'Sugar Plum Beary' Knitted Tree Decorations.

Christmas Knitted Bear Tree Decorations Pattern
I followed the pattern to the letter, but switched the traditional wool used for the bears' dresses out for my sparkly alternative, and then stuffed them with significantly more stuffing than required to give them a fatter, more rounded, bauble appearance. I also didn't give them legs because in my mind it made them look like they were more fairy-like and sort of dancing - but if you don't agree, go ahead and add some little legs to them!

Christmas Knitted Bear Tree Decorations Pattern
Rather than use the Christmas checked ribbon as seen in the pattern above, I chose a thinner, silkier style and attached small sleigh bells to the top of each of the bears' heads. This is obviously optional, but I think it adds to the character of the bears and makes them even more festive. 
(I may or may not have conducted 'Jingle Bells' with them when they were finished too..)

Once you get into the swing of things, they really take no time to knit at all, and before you know it, you'll have an army of 'Sugar Plum Bearies' to trim your Christmas tree with!

Christmas Knitted Bear Tree Decorations Pattern
This post is a little out of the norm from my usual content, but I wanted to share with you all something I'm passionate about. I love teaching myself new things and learning from others too - I'd love to know if any of you guys knit too and are working on something for Christmas.

Happy Knitting! Until next time..



Friday, 11 November 2016

The Libbie Club: November 2016 Beauty Box

When I arrived home today to find a large brown package waiting for me on my bed, I couldn't contain my excitement, knowing that my November Libbie Club box had finally arrived!
Wasting no time at all, I hastily tore into the packaging and lifted the lid, to be hit with a deliciously sweet aroma that was festive yet zesty, not to mention a welcome surprise! With this having been my fourth Libbie Club beauty box, I'm used to the undeniably gorgeous selection of products that usually arrive, but the company have truly outdone themselves with this assortment. I'm a bit of a packaging fiend, and the combination of Christmas products and luminous rose gold accents made me internally squeal with delight upon first sight.

Nestled inside the box were four luxurious products that I've had the chance to put through their paces:

- Isla Apothecary Lemongrass & Rosemary Renew Foot Scrub
- The English Soap Company Festive Soy Candle & Soap Duo
- LOLA Makeup Exclusive Libbie Club Satin Eye Shadow

 First up I'll share my thoughts on the Isle Apothecary foot scrub with you all. I actually walk to work every day. Come rain or shine I'll step outside my house and travel for 30 minutes on foot, to and from work. It's become a routine that I actually enjoy now, but it does mean that my poor feet are more active than they've ever been and this product has literally been the treat that I've been needing in my life, and it smells unreal. When I initially opened the tub, I actually stirred the attention of my Mum who'd been deep in cyberspace, scrolling away on her iPad - "That smells good enough to eat, what is it?!" 

The combination of Lemongrass and Rosemary creates a really refreshing and unique aroma that I happen to love. The scrub itself is a really chunky and rugged, and beautifully massages into the skin with the help of the oils, but the grittiness of the salt doesn't disappear too soon meaning that you really get a chance to work at areas that need a bit of TLC. I grabbed a handful of this scrub to work into my feet whilst in the bath, but apparently you can also add a spoonful to a bowl of warm water to create your own mini spa too - an idea I'll definitely be using if the temperature continues to drop!
Next I turned my attention to the LOLA Makeup eye shadow. I received shade 018, which I'd like to describe as a rusty, rose gold with sparkling yellow gold glitter running through it. Perfect for the party season (and feeding my ever-growing rose gold obsession!) the shade is highly pigmented and applies beautifully. It blends out easily, adding depth and mystery to a day time look, or can be built up on the lid for a twist on the iconic, smokey eye. There's nothing bad to say about this little gem, I can definitely see myself using it to some of the Christmas events I've got lined up.

And last, but certainly not least, The English Soap Company's soy candle and soap duo. Before I even go into how amazing these products smell, I just want to clarify how stunning the packaging is for these. The particular 'Winter Village' duo I received had been decorated with a 'Night Before Christmas / Sleighing Santa' design that immediately transported me back to the magic of Christmases as a child. With decadent gold text overlaid, I feel like this company could've just given me the boxes alone and I'd have been overjoyed. Exuding luxury and sophistication, I can already tell this duo would go down a storm as a little Christmas gift for a loved one.

Moving onto the actual products though, my candle is said to be "infused with the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine" - two of my favourite ever Christmas scents, and they definitely work together in harmony. I love the fact that the soy candle is more ecologically friendly and is also said to burn longer, with an approximate burn time of 35 hours. I can't actually bring myself to light this just yet, I'm going to save it for Christmas Eve, but I know it's going to make my house smell like pure heaven. 

The soap bar itself is a particularly substantial size too, with cleverly designed, origami-like packaging. Scented with Shea Butter, the bar is SLS and paraben free, vegan friendly and not tested on animals, which only adds to its appeal in my opinion. Once again I'm saving this for the guest bathroom over the Christmas period so can't give a full review, but as a little gift set you're guaranteed to make someone smile if you treat them to this, this Christmas. 

November's Libbie Club box has certainly been full of gorgeous treats that I want to share with you all, so I'm glad to be able to offer you guys some amazing, exclusive discounts for all of the goodies above - simply pop over to my page here, and treat yo'self!

Thank you as always for reading!

Until next time..



Tuesday, 8 November 2016

FEED & Clarins: A Beautiful Way to Support a Worthy Cause

FEED for Clarins Free Charity Beauty Gift With Purchase
If you're anything like me, you'll know the anxiety of experiencing buyer's guilt. In a rush of spontaneity you'll purchase that one-season trend item, that you know perfectly well isn't going to go with anything in your wardrobe when you get it home, with a price tag really isn't justifiable, and the moment you walk through your door - BAM! You'll feel that pang of guilt in the pit of your tummy that your money really would've been better spent elsewhere. 

So if you're searching for a way to treat yourself to a little luxury, and feel good whilst you're doing it, then I have found the brand for you this November. 

FEED for Clarins Free Charity Beauty Gift With Purchase
FEED for Clarins Free Charity Beauty Gift With Purchase
If you pop into Boots and head over to the Clarins counter, you'll be able to take home a gorgeous beauty gift if you purchase two products from the brand (one being skincare). The gift itself is a delightful little cosmetic bag including the following: Clarins Gentle Refiner, HydraQuench Cream Mask, Moisture-Rich Body Lotion, Hand and Nail Treatment Cream and Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate - so basically everything you need to be out battling the elements this winter.

"Feed your skin, Feed your soul."

The gift bag has been created in aid of FEED, and by purchasing this pouch you'll be providing 10 school meals for children across the world.

"For many around the world, hunger is a daily struggle. 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry every night. Roughly 100 million children are underweight. But there is hope. Hunger is a solvable problem, and now you have become part of the solution. With this FEED for Clarins pouch, you have given more than just meals. You have helped children grow, learn and thrive. You have invested in their future."

Whenever I read statistics like this, it really helps to put into perspective just how fortunate I am. And though I always get involved in charities that are close to my heart, when I see that a product or brand I love, is supporting a good cause, I always try to give towards that too. 

FEED for Clarins Free Charity Beauty Gift With Purchase
FEED for Clarins Free Charity Beauty Gift With Purchase
In the run up to Christmas, when we as consumers all get caught up in treating our loved ones, and bagging the best deals on the high street, it can be easy to overlook the little things we take for granted every day. So I personally champion Clarins for making me stop and reflect on my quality of life in the store today. I love knowing that I've helped to support something worthy, through the use of my everyday beauty products.

Do you think you'll be helping to support FEED for Clarins this November? 

Until next time..

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