Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tasty Weekend Treats: Unicorn-Inspired Milkshakes at Pretty Things

Unicorn Milkshake Pretty Things

Yet another food oriented post here - so anyone trying to stick to their diet, or feeling particularly peckish, should probably close this window and find a less delicious post to read.

I'm a lover of anything quaint and quintessentially English, and nothing has either of these traits quite like a traditional tea shop. Hidden in the heart of my hometown, Horsham, there's a gorgeous little café called 'Pretty Things' that I've been dying to visit for as long as I can remember. But as with any local hotspot, you often find yourself venturing out further to other locations at the weekends, and you end up putting off the visits that are closest to you.

Pretty Things Afternoon Tea

Pretty Things Afternoon Tea Unicorn Theme

I finally managed to pencil this teashop trip into my very busy life (it's hard to find space around all the Netflix shows I'm currently wasting my life away watching), and dragged my friend along to taste the delights Pretty Things had to offer.

Pretty Things Horsham Courtyard

Pretty Things Horsham Courtyard

Renowned for their iconic, unicorn-inspired drinks, I knew I had to give one a go. So whilst I opted for a unicorn milkshake, my friend decided to go for the hot chocolate version. Now I'm not usually one for strawberry flavoured things, but this milkshake was truly delicious! Mind you, it could've tasted terrible and still have been saved by the incredible detail that went into its presentation.

Pretty Things Horsham Unicorn Drinks

Surrounded with a mixture of flying saucers, fizzy sweets and rainbow meringue, and loaded with cream and rainbow sprinkles, there's no question as to the drink being unicorn-themed. 

Jam & Cream Scone Pretty Things

Before I set out on my visit to Pretty Things, I had it in my head that I wanted to taste their incredible, rainbow-tiered cake. But upon arrival I found myself lusting after traditional jam & cream scones (pronounced like cone and not gone, in my head by the way). 

With an array of delicious treats to try, from sumptuous cake slices to even mermaid-inspired delights, you won't be disappointed by whatever you decide to try - in fact you'll probably find the decision making the hardest part!

Apologies for the iPhone quality photography too, I didn't fancy carrying my SLR into town this day, lazy I know!

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