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Tea Party Treats: Raspberry & Avocado Chocolate Tiffins Recipe

Raspberry & Avocado Chocolate Tiffins Recipe
Some people have a serious passion for cookery. They take a real delight in finding out exotic new recipes to try out in the kitchen, presenting them to their friends and family with confidence and ease. And I really wish it was the same for me, but honestly I find cooking to be more of a chore, than a relaxing past time. That said, I do enjoy dabbling in the kitchen when it comes to baking - particularly if I stumble across a recipe that catches me eye.

So the other week when I was scrolling down my news feed, and found myself lusting after some Chocolate Tiffins from Sainsbury's Magazine, I couldn't help but pick up the ingredients to give the goodies a go for myself. 

Strictly not a 'bake', these Chocolate Tiffins are a super easy, 'chill in fridge bake.' Plus they have avocado in them, which automatically makes this recipe, blogger-friendly and makes me feel a little healthier about eating them - they count as one of my five a day right?

Raspberry & Avocado Chocolate Tiffins Recipe
Seriously though, for anyone who breaks out in a cold sweat at the thought of stepping into a kitchen, or is just unlucky in the culinary department, I urge you to give this recipe a try. Gently roasting pumpkin seeds in a saucepan, melting some chocolate and finely chopping up all the ingredients, is just about as technical as it gets. 

A gorgeous combination of sweet and sharp, the contrast between the tartness of the raspberries and moreish, indulgence of the chocolate, is enhanced by the richness of the pistachio nuts. If you're not a chocoholic, then one slice of these will definitely be enough, but for those of you with a sweet tooth, you'll probably find yourself eating every single morsel, in search of another! 

Raspberry & Avocado Chocolate Tiffins Recipe

Raspberry & Avocado Chocolate Tiffins Recipe
Because of the vibrant, decorative hues of the raspberries and pistachio nuts, these little Chocolate Tiffins will definitely feel at home at a tea party on some floral china, or make a delightful dessert to serve up to your girlfriends on a night in this summer. However you decide to serve them though, you definitely won't be disappointed.

Have you tried out any new recipes lately? Let me know, and share your tips below!

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