Friday, 22 September 2017

The Top Reasons to Love Autumn & Fall Fashion ft. TOBI

AW17 Fashion OOTD ft. TOBI

Nothing sets my heart alight quite like the changing of the seasons. Don't get me wrong, I love the sunny weather and longer evenings that summer has to offer, but waving in autumn always excites me for a number of reasons.

The turning of the leaves means there's a whole new world of beautiful colours outside to take in. Gorgeous shades of yellow and burgundy, to gold and purple, nature provides some of it's most beautiful inspiration at this time of year.

AW17 Fashion OOTD ft. TOBI

Not only is it that the trees put on a feast for the eyes, some of the most stunning sunsets can be seen in autumn too. Whether there's truth to the old 'red sky at night' saying though, you'll have to decide for yourselves.

Warming spices like cinnamon and ginger are added to everything from my morning coffee, to my bowl of porridge. And don't even get me started on pumpkin pies, as soon as those pumpkins hit the shops I'm in my kitchen acting like I'm on the Great British Bake Off! (Whilst I'm on the subject too, I am totally loving the new format on Channel 4 - anyone else obsessed with Noel Fielding's shirts?!)

AW17 Fashion OOTD ft. TOBI

Candles, knitted blankets and cosy socks, there's nothing like arriving home from work, jumping in the shower to warm up and donning your cosiest gear to relax away the evening in.

Crisp sunny days make for some of the best to go out and explore the countryside. Not only am I getting my steps up on my FitBit, but I find it one of my favourite ways to clear my head. Double win.

And finally I love the way that autumn allows you to rejuvenate your wardrobe with pieces to transition the seasons in. Layering up your looks is important around this time of year, and this can often make styling a little tricky. But lately my favourite seasonal looks have definitely incorporated a tea dress or playsuit, black boots, leather jacket and optional scarf (depending on the chill in the air that day.

AW17 Fashion OOTD ft. TOBI

AW17 Fashion OOTD - TOBI shop

In my OOTD in this post, I'm wearing a gorgeous little playsuit from TOBI, who kindly collaborated with me to make this post happen. You can find my previous post featuring their cosiest jumper dresses here.

(*Please note: I was contacted by the company and received complimentary  clothing, but all the opinions are my own.)

AW17 Fashion OOTD

The long-sleeved, khaki playsuit is perfect for transitioning the seasons in style. Its lightweight material allows you to layer it up with tights and a little cami top underneath - I wish I'd had a little lacy one in my wardrobe, because I really feel a little lace would've added some texture and interest to the look. Whether you put a jumper or jacket over the top, I feel this little playsuit will look totally at home in any scenario, whether you're Saturday shopping, or heading on a night out with the girls - it'll definitely become a staple piece in my wardrobe over the next few months.

What are you most looking forward to this Autumn? Let me know in the comments below!

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

What is Hygge? The Danish Cosy Concept You Need To Try This Winter

The other day I happened to stumble across the word 'hygge' attached to a glorious-looking cup of hot chocolate when I was scrolling through Pinterest. Completely confused as to what it meant, I turned to my old friend Google, and after a quick internet search I learned exactly what it was.

Apparently I've been living under a rock for the last year or so, because this seemingly up-coming word is nothing new. But for those of you who, like me, haven't the foggiest about its meaning (let alone its pronounciation!) here's the official definition:

In Danish, hygge (pronounced “HUE-gah”) is one such word. Though there are many ways to describe hygge, we see it simply as the Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness.

Accompany the dictionary definition along with a quick Google or Pinterest image search, and you'll be just as obsessed with the term as I've become. There's books, articles and even whole brands dedicated to the hygge way of life, and I have to say I'm a complete convert too. Though I haven't got the pronunciation down quite yet, I mean it took me long enough to get to grips with quinoa..

Being an autumn baby, I've always had a passion for this time of year and all the cosiness that comes along with it. But now I finally have a proper term for the cosy, nest-making-esque feelings that infiltrate my mind come September time, along with a fantastic excuse to shop for some new home decor and pyjamas.

'Excuse me sir, can you point me in the direction of the 'hygge' aisle please?'

With that in mind, I've shortlisted some essential hygge items that I'm adding to my winter wishlist, so that I can hibernate in my hygge home.

Hygge Essentials Home Decor / Clothing AW17

H&M Cable Knit Cushions | Dunelm Faux Fur Throw H&M Knitted Socks | Dunelm Wooden Heart Candle John Lewis Stag Head Hook The Little Book of Hygge Anthropologie Alphabet Mug |  
Any Cable-Knit Jumper of your choice!

So basically anything knitted, fur-lined or warm, in neutral shades or jewel tones, with a touch of woodland-chic to it. If it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside that makes you want to grab a book and snuggle up by the fire, it's definitely got a touch of hygge about it!

Will you be embracing the 'hygge' way of life this winter?

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Monday, 11 September 2017

AW17 Style Inspiration: Embracing Chunky Knitwear ft. TOBI

AW17 Style Inspiration - Khaki Cold Shoulder TOBI Jumper

There's something so dependable about knitwear. Perhaps it's the way it wraps you up with a welcoming embrace every Autumn, with the sole purpose of keeping you cosy throughout the coldest of months ahead. Or maybe it's just the way you can throw it on with minimum effort or fuss, and feel both stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Once seen as frumpy and old-fashioned, knitwear is constantly evolving in the world of fashion, to meet the demand for chic, wearable pieces. Even knitting and crochet have been experiencing a renaissance as hobbies in recent years! So when I was contacted by online fashion retailer TOBI to collaborate on some style posts, I jumped at the opportunity to refresh my AW17 wardrobe with some cosy, yet fabulous, knitted dresses.

AW17 Style Inspiration - Khaki Cold Shoulder TOBI Jumper
 (*Please note: I was contacted by the company and received complimentary  clothing, but all the opinions are my own.)

AW17 Style Inspiration - Khaki Cold Shoulder TOBI Jumper

AW17 Style Inspiration - Khaki Cold Shoulder TOBI Jumper

Appealing to my inner country girl, I was drawn to the earthy shades of khaki and dusty pink. Both are easy, versatile shades to wear and can be paired with black or tan - my wardrobe favourites.

I'd definitely describe my style as simple, I tend to opt for more classic designs that I know will both transcend the seasons and make timeless pieces in my wardrobe. But both dresses had little details about them that made them unique, statement designs - one had bell sleeves, and the other cold shoulders. And what better way to put these dresses through their paces than by heading out into the British countryside!

AW17 Style Inspiration - Khaki Cold Shoulder TOBI Jumper

AW17 Style Inspiration - Sussex Countryside

I kept my looks simple, teaming my dresses with tights and knee high boots, putting my own twist on the countryside / heritage look that's going to be everywhere this autumn.

AW17 Style Inspiration - Khaki Cold Shoulder TOBI Jumper

Both dresses are as cosy as they look too, I ordered a size medium for both, and if I'm honest I definitely could've sized down but I wanted to ensure they had that oversized, cosy feel to them. I can already picture both of these dresses with chunky scarves and fur hats for firework night!

AW17 Style Inspiration - Dusty Pink TOBI Jumper

AW17 Style Inspiration - Dusty Pink TOBI Jumper

I definitely think knitted dresses, and knitwear in general is the best way to transition the seasons. They're the perfect balance for days when it's not quite chilly enough for a coat, and they'll save you layering up on days where you need a little extra warmth. Plus if we're lucky enough to have a few days where it's crisp, sunny weather, I feel like bare legs and thigh-high suede boots are the way to go.

AW17 Style Inspiration - Dusty Pink TOBI Jumper

AW17 Style Inspiration - Dusty Pink TOBI Jumper

I hope you enjoyed reading my little style inspiration post anyway! Hopefully it'll be the first of more to come. If I'm honest I can't even believe this is something I'm publishing on here, because a year ago I wouldn't have even considered it! But as with anything, I hope I can learn and grow over time and I must admit I'm excited about creating more posts in the future.

What are your Autumn style essentials? 

Until next time..



Friday, 8 September 2017

PANDORA x Cosmopolitan Q&A 'Style Session'

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to get my name onto the guest list for PANDORA's 'Style Session' with Cosmopolitan, with an exciting Q&A with Sairey Stemp, Fashion Editor of Cosmopolitan!

P.S. Poor iPhone quality photos ahead - sorry!


So when the event came around this week, I hopped on a train up to London and headed straight to PANDORA's flagship store on Oxford Street.



Greeted with a much-appreciated glass of fizz (travelling around London isn't for the feint-hearted and the bubbles definitely took the edge off), I was escorted upstairs to the event area along with all the other ladies attending.



Once upstairs we were left to cast our eyes over PANDORA's newest Autumn collection of jewellery, mingle, and explore the treats on offer.



Ladies from Smashbox cosmetics, and Nails Inc. were doing a fantastic job of pampering everyone, with the option to treat yourself to a fresh manicure or have your makeup done. As well as the choice to have a luxury hand massage from Crabtree & Evelyn - pure bliss!





To one side of the room, a barman was serving delectable cupcakes, Mojitos and, of course, Cosmopolitans - I see what you did there! *winks knowingly*


Whilst all this was going on, Sairey Stemp gave everyone some serious style tips for the season ahead - and why wouldn't you listen to her, this is one lady who definitely knows her stuff! Here's my personal highlights from the knowledge she shared with us:

- Autumn '17 will let shades of red take centre stage, with variations of the shade ranging from pink to burgundy
- Experiment with textures. Velvet is definitely on the rise on the high street and you should grab statement pieces to add a touch of luxury and depth to your looks.
- Colours will be everywhere! Have fun experimenting with vibrant shades - black is always going to be a style staple, but embracing a splash of colour here and there can make you feel more positive.
- The heritage look is going to be huge. Tweed and Prince of Wales check in particular will make a bold statement.
- In terms of jewellery, we're moving away from minimalism. AW17 will be all about layering up your chains and bracelets, and of course multiple earrings (for those of us brave enough to face the piercings!). 
- Ring stacking will still be very much a thing, but it's important to mix metals, textures and sizes for a unique look that's personal to you.



I feel like I was already excited for the colder weather ahead, allowing me to fully transition to my autumnal wardrobe, but this event has only made me wish for a temperature drop sooner! I'm ready to don my comfy jumpers, and am particularly excited to inject some red accents into my wardrobe.


Upon leaving, I was gifted a little goodie bag filled with October's issue of Cosmopolitan (perfect for the return train journey) and a gorgeous glamour kit from PANDORA - which I'll probably keep safe for my next bucket-list adventure abroad. 

I had a highly enjoyable evening and it was fun to do something out of the ordinary on a Thursday night, instead of my usual Netflix & bed. Though I must admit, I was very ready for my duvet when I finally arrived home.

Which fashion trend are you most looking forward wearing to this autumn? Let me know below!

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Wishlist: The Best Luxury Advent Calendars for Christmas 2017

The Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2017

Every year at around the middle of August, I have a sudden realisation that Christmas (yes the dreaded 'C' word) is a mere 4 months away. And whilst I'm mostly preoccupied with the thought of knitwear, pumpkins and burgundy makeup looks - just a few of my favourite things that Autumn brings along with it. I also begin to think about which beauty brands will be releasing advent calendars this year. Because, let's face it ladies, as much as we love chocolate, there's nothing quite so exciting as opening a door on your calendar to discover a vibrant nail polish or luxury face cream.

When I look back on the last 4 years, I'm amazed at the growth in popularity that 'alternative' advent calendars have seen. What started out as a few, niche brands at the forefront of the revolution, suddenly has swept across the board to encompass all sorts of luxury miniatures getting involved in the trend. I mean I even purchased a 'gourmet pork scratching' advent calendar for my Dad online last year - even though it never actually made it through advent, apparently once my Dad got a taste for those bad boys that was the end of it!

So here's the highlights I've stumbled across so far on the interwebs, along with my opinions on them - brace yourself for some of the price tags though, as you may need to start putting aside your money to get your hands on them!
The Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2017 - Diptyque

Diptyque - Available from November - (£300)

French. Chic packaging. Parisian scents. What's not to love about this advent calendar? Whilst it's currently unclear whether the box will behold a mixture of scents, or also incorporate some of their bodycare products too, this little advent calendar will be top of the list for anyone with a passion for perfume.

The Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2017 - The Pip Stop

The Pip Stop Superstar Sparkling Advent Calendar - (£125)

This little black calendar has taken the UK by storm for all of the right reasons. Bursting full of bottles of prosecco, cava and champagne, is there arguably a better way to countdown the party season? I think not.
The Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2017 - Jo Malone

Jo Malone - Exclusive to Harrods from October, available nationwide from November 2017 (£300)

This iconic and colourful calendar will undoubtedly be a huge hit with long-time lovers of the brand. It's quaint Georgian-inspired townhouse shape, and contrasting, vibrant windows make this stylish calendar a blogger must-have!

The Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2017 - Kikki.K

Kikki.K - Available from 30th September at Selfridges online (£90)

If you've got a penchant for pens, and you're currently making the most of all the 'Back to School' stationery offers in the stores, drop everything you're doing right now and take this calendar in! Stuffed to the brim with all the stylish stationery a girl could ever wish for, this calendar will send you back to work with an arsenal of office essentials.

The Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2017 - Khiels

Khiels - Exclusive to Selfridges from October 2017 (£95)

A classic skincare brand offering 24 miniatures to ensure your skin is nourished through the party season. There's no doubt this will be a best-seller this year.

The Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2017 - Molton Brown

Molton Brown - Coming Soon to Molton Brown (£165)

Does any other brand offer indulgence quite like Molton Brown? Wrapping up an assortment of bath and beauty goodies in delectable scents, your pre-Christmas party prep is all sorted!

The Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2017 - Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury's Naughty & Nice Magic Box Advent Calendar - Coming Soon (£150)

Crammed with luxury beauty miniatures and handy travel-sized treats, if the packaging doesn't have you rushing to buy this calendar then the products certainly will!

The Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2017 - Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar - (£35 when you spend £35 on home or clothing from October in store)

Bringing beauty advent calendars to an affordable price budget, M&S's wonderous advent calendar will encompass goodies from the likes of Eyeko and Korres. The little piece of luxury is perfect for those sticking to a festive budget.

And that's all I've stumbled across online so far, but it is early days yet and I've seen brands like Benefit and Ciaté all have calendars in the pipeline, yet to be unveiled - so keep your eyes peeled for more from your favourites!

Did you purchase an alternative advent calendar last Christmas? If so let me know which one and whether you thought it was worth it, in the comments below!

Until next time..


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