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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Making a Gingerbread House

John Lewis Gingerbread House Making Kit Inspiration Christmas 2017

I decided 2017 was going to finally be the year that I assembled a gingerbread house of my own. Not a dab hand in the kitchen mind, I left the baking to the professionals and ordered a kit online from John Lewis!

After browsing through the hundreds of incredible images on Pinterest, I raced to the supermarket to grab armfuls of multi-coloured sweeties and got creating. But I feel like there's a few honest things that the gingerbread decorating professionals can't convey through their perfect gingerbread house photos, and I feel like it'll help you guys if I tell you the things I wish I knew before building one!

John Lewis Gingerbread House Making Kit Inspiration Christmas 2017

You need to be liberal with the icing.

Step one is always glue the structure together with icing, but to get the house perfect you want to go sparingly right? Wrong. If your house is going to have any chance of holding the lashings of candy you're going to adorn it with, you better liberally apply that icing - worry about the aesthetics later!

You will sit holding the walls together until they dry for a long time. 

Thick icing just isn't going to dry in a couple of minutes, so get comfy, put a film on or listen to some music and accept that if you've got an itch you're not going to be able to scratch it until your structure is sound.

John Lewis Gingerbread House Making Kit Inspiration Christmas 2017

Your gingerbread house will melt if your home is too hot.

If you're about to get started and your house is roasty toasty, open a window or door for a little first. That icing is going to have no chance to set if it's too warm! It'll only double your drying time. Plus I'm sure you don't want to see your hard work just sliding off the gingerbread.

You will consume more sweets than you put on the house.

If you're anything like me, you'll find you overestimated just how many sweets you needed for the decorating. Which of course means that they're not going to be wasted! I like to work to a 'one for me, one for the house' method which is clearly the fairest ratio..

Forget about the Pinterest perfection and get messy.

Unless you've got mad skills, it's unlikely you're going to achieve gingerbread perfection first time round. So leave your pins at the door and just have fun getting creative with the decorating, sometimes the most spontaneous, messy ideas can actually look the best!

You probably won't eat the house in the end.

If you spend a good hour or two piecing together your gingerbread house and intricately decorating it with enough sweets to set up your own sweet shop, chances are your labour of love isn't going to be eaten. It's a work of art, not a snack! So try using it as a table centre piece for Christmas Day - you'll get a dozen compliments from friends and family!

John Lewis Gingerbread House Making Kit Inspiration Christmas 2017

So that's it for my little tips on gingerbread houses! I did actually have so much fun making mine, even if it was a slow and creatively draining process. Maybe I'll be ready again by Christmas 2018 to create another!

Have you made a gingerbread house this year? I'd love to see it if you've blogged about it too, so pop a comment down below!

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