Friday, 1 December 2017

A Day In The Life - London's Christmas Lights & Retail Therapy

Is there anything quite as spectacular as seeing the Christmas lights and festive-themed windows that London has to offer? Every year I try to get up to the city before the big Christmas rush of shoppers, and check out the lights. I love London, but I'm not big on crowds and the hustle and bustle of it all, so I always find mid November to be the perfect time to make my journey.

This year I was lucky enough to be able to go see The Woman in Black at the Fortune theatre, as well as have a nose around the city and take part in some retail therapy. (Side note, if you haven't seen the play you really should, I was so tense and jumpy the entire time it was fantastic! Only made even more atmospheric by the old theatre too.) 

After the play I had time to do a little shopping in Convent Garden and Harrods, before heading over to Winter Wonderland, which coincidentally had opened just the day before - perfect timing right!

I loved browsing around the Lulu Guinness store in Convent Garden, mentally making note of all the pieces I'd love to be putting on my wishlist this year - is a clutch bag too much to ask of Santa? ;)

I even got a quick snap of the giant lip balm sculpture in the store, which made mine look like it'd shrunk! To find out more about this particular lip therapy tin, head over to my blog post here, if you haven't seen it already.

Harrods actually had a 10% off event in store, so I made sure it didn't go to waste and picked up a MAC lipstick and liner to add to my collection. I chose Ruby Woo, finally making me an owner of this iconic shade! And I'm sure it'll be featured as a red lippy must-have in an upcoming Blogmas post..

I always enjoy strolling around Harrods trying to imagine myself as someone who could just purchase things without even looking at the price tags. Dolce & Gabana fridge-freezer? Prada robot? I'll take them all! 

On a more serious note, I seem to have caught some kind of handbag fever lately though, and had to be torn away from the designer bag department before I ended up buying myself a Christmas present and no one else this year! I couldn't help lusting after the Pegasus trunk clutch from Aspinal of London though. I think it'd tie in beautifully with the celestial star-prints I keep seeing everywhere at the moment, though it is arguably very impractical!

Every time I visit London I'm completely enraptured. I love how there's so much to see and do in the city, and no matter how many times you go, there's always something new! I'm definitely a country girl at heart, and couldn't be without greenery and clear night skies, but it's undeniably easy to be sucked into the excitement of the city.

Have you seen London's Christmas lights this year? Let me know below!

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