Thursday, 21 December 2017

Party Season Skin Detox: The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser Review

The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser Review

Christmas week is an unapologetic celebration of merriment. A time to indulge in all of your favourite food, drink and other treats. And a time spent laughing and playing games with family and friends until late.

But with such indulgence comes problematic skin - at least in my case! The copious amounts of rich foods and booze play havoc with my skin, which can't wait until the healthy eating regime kicks back in, in the New Year.

So I've found a little face cleanser in The Body Shop, which I've fallen in love with and really helps to keep my skin under control when I'm pushing my body to its limits with sugary treats. After all I always think if I spend 11 months of the year trying to be healthy, I think I can spend a month where I can treat myself without judgement.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser Review

My little wonder product comes in the form of the Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser. Nothing new to the brand's range of products, I can't believe it's taken me this long to stumble upon this cleanser. In the past I used to dab a little Tea Tree Oil onto blemishes, but my naturally dry skin type never agreed with the intensity of the product. Enter the Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser, a much less harsh way to banish blemishes and prevent new ones from forming with its antibacterial properties.

It foams up beautifully and is so light and gentle to work into the skin, some Tea Tree products can really sting but this little beauty doesn't at all. It easily removes all makeup, but I avoid my eyes with this and instead stick with my Glossier Milk Jelly cleanser for eye makeup - I'm too wimpy about getting Tea Tree in my eyes haha! Honestly though the Tea Tree cleanser leaves my skin feeling like its had a deep clean. My skin is left matte and fresh, with that sort of menthol glow to it that makes me feel like my face has been reborn. I've been using it for just over a week and already can see a difference, which is a bonus! Long term I hope it doesn't dry my skin out too much, but only time will tell I suppose and I can always combat this with my Vichy Mineral 89 serum anyway should it occur.

What's your party season skin care essential? Share your tips with me in the comments below!

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