Thursday, 7 December 2017

DIY Christmas 2017 - Why Homemade Presents Are The Best

Whilst pricey tech gadgets, makeup palettes and other shop-bought goodies are inevitably going to make it onto all of our wishlists this Christmas, I always try to add a little personal touch too when buying for close friends and family.

To me nothing says love or friendship quite like a homemade gift. To have someone go to the trouble of making you something, big or small, shows they're happy to spend their free time creating something special for you and that they've put a lot of love and thought in. Whilst I know not everyone is crafty, there are tonnes of ways you can personalise gifts to make them your own. For example even curating your favourite photos with your best friend, and printing them on a calendar is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that'll bring the smiles all year long. Even if you're really not feeling that creative, an organza bag crammed with your friends' all time favourite sweets and chocolates is a really personal touch and incredibly simple.

Last year I made my friends knitted tree decorations, and this year I've dusted off my sewing machine and am attempting to make little personalised heart pillows to hang on their trees. Are they perfect? No. Could they end up in their trash once they've unwrapped them? Possibly. But for me it's the thought that counts, and the sense of self achievement I feel creating something with someone in mind.

I always try to gift what I'd like to receive, and if someone went to the trouble of making me a little present, I'd definitely cherish it and respect the level of effort that went in to it.

Do you like to make homemade gifts or cards? Maybe you've made your own crackers or advent calendar this year - leave me a comment below for inspiration!

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