Sunday, 3 December 2017

DIY Homemade Reindeer Christmas Tree Decoration - Mollie Makes

Mollie Makes Felt Reindeer DIY Christmas Decoration

Christmas time honestly brings out the little festive elf in me who loves to get creative. I start buying up art supplies like there's no tomorrow. From glitter paper to metallic yarn, if it's crafty it's going in my basket.

So when I popped into the shops and saw Issue 86 of Mollie Makes sat on the shelf, I had to pick it up and get crafting! In this particular issue, the free gift was a 'make your own reindeer tree decoration kit', and since my sewing was a little rusty I figured I'd dust off my sewing box and give it a go.

With all the felt and threads ready to go inside, it was only a matter of cutting out the pattern and piecing it together bit by bit - perfect for beginners, or even the most advanced of sewing goddesses looking to create a cute tree decoration this year.

Mollie Makes Felt Reindeer DIY Christmas Decoration

Mollie Makes Felt Reindeer DIY Christmas Decoration

Though my end result may not be perfect, I really enjoyed putting him together - with Netflix on in the background and a hot drink it was the perfect evening!

What I love most about the reindeer is how he's inspired me to consider non-traditional festive hues. You don't have to be conventional and stick with reds and greens, there's a whole spectrum of colour out there to get creative with - the combination of pink, orange and turquoise is perfect for banishing those British grey skies outside!

Mollie Makes Felt Reindeer DIY Christmas Decoration

I'll definitely be giving some of the other craft ideas inside the magazine a go too, I've got my heart set on making some Christmas cards this year, and there's some inspiring content inside!

Will you be getting this crafty this Christmas? Let me know below!

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