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Gift Guide for the Gals: The Perfect Prosecco-Themed Christmas Present

Gift Guide for Her - Prosecco Themed Presents

At Christmas it can be easy to be sucked into buying lots of novelty gifts for friends and loved ones, because let's face it, they can be hilarious. But once the initial shock value has subsided, and you've laughed until you've cried over the ugly, light up festive jumper, or cartoon slippers, you can be left feeling a little lacking in how you chose to spend your money.

There is one gift though that is always graciously appreciated over the festive season, and I find, has yet to be met with disappointment, and that's alcohol. I hate sounding like an alcoholic to-be, but a bottle of bubbly, red wine or even miniature liqueur bottles are undeniably great gifts. There's no such thing as too much alcohol when you've got guests over, and it's always nice to keep the drinks flowing, so whether that bottle you gift ends up being opened on the night, or stashed away until dry January is over, chances are it'll be received with open arms.

I always like to give a little extra in the gifting department though, so I thought I'd find the perfect little goodies to gift alongside that bottle of fizz.

Gift Guide for Her - Prosecco Themed Presents

I stumbled upon this 'Prosecco Made Me Do It' cocktail book in The Works, for 50% off RRP and immediately snapped it up knowing it'd make a wonderful stocking stuffer. The pink cover and rose gold detailing made it simply irresistible and easy to picture it paired with bubbly for one of the girls.

Gift Guide for Her - Prosecco Themed Presents

I then happened to find a 'Fizz & Bubbles' Scented Hand Cream in M&S reduced from £4 down to £2 in their Black Friday sale - yet another lucky bargain! An untraditional scent, it's actually surprisingly luxurious, and the Art Deco packaging was giving me major Gatsby vibes. Annoyingly I can't find a link for this particular product, but I'm sure you'll be able to pick one up if you pop in store. Other boozy scents in this particular range included 'Gin & Tonic' and 'Mulled Wine' - delightfully festive!

These are obviously just my little add ons, but you could throw in anything from Champagne Truffles, to a pretty bottle stopper or even hand made Champagne flutes - you can literally customise this gift to be as extravagant as you like.

So don't forget when you're out shopping for presents this year, that a bottle of bubbly and a few themed extras can make a wonderfully simple yet welcome gift.

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