Friday, 22 December 2017

Kylie Cosmetics 'Sugar' Lip Set Holiday Bundle Collection 2017 Review

Kylie Cosmetics 'Sugar' Lip Set Holiday Bundle Collection 2017 Review

After posting about the Kylie Cosmetics Naughty & Nice Eyeshadow palettes, as well as the Red Velvet Lip Kit, I'll be continuing my five part Holiday Bundle review series with another post day! This time I'm taking a closer look at the lip sets, and I'm excited to share with you my honest opinions on the Sugar Lip Set.

Kylie Cosmetics 'Sugar' Lip Set Holiday Bundle Collection 2017 Review

An assortment of 5 different lip products, the Sugar lip set is everything you could wish for if you've got a thing for pinky-nude lipsticks. Unlike Spice, the Sugar lip set is a subdued combination of shades that will beautifully compliment a smokey eye this holiday season. Very wearable for the day, this gorgeous mix of lip products includes both warm and cool tones so you can switch things up in a simple way! What's nice about these is that they're not overwhelmingly 'festive' too and can definitely be worn all year round - particularly the glitter glosses which will look beaut with a tan! But more on those in a bit.

Kylie Cosmetics 'Sugar' Lip Set Holiday Bundle Collection 2017 Review

Packaged in a gorgeous little silver and white gift box, there's something ever so angelic and ethereal about this little set. It's chic and classic but the silver adds a Christmas twist to it as well.

The Sugar lip set includes the following shades:

Butter - A gold lip gloss with multicoloured glitter.
Sugar - A opalescent lip gloss ( very unicorn-esque!).
Savage - A warm apricot nude velvet liquid lipstick.
Boy Bye - A mid tone mauve velvet liquid lipstick.
Angel - A mauve pink matte liquid lipstick.

My favourites in the set are definitely the velvet liquid lipsticks. Their pigment, wearability and longevity is just astonishing, and I feel so comfortable wearing them for long periods of time knowing they won't smudge, disappear or dry out. Out of Boy Bye and Savage, I have to say Savage wins, it's a beautiful apricot shade that's just dark enough not to be considered a nude hue.

Kylie Cosmetics 'Sugar' Lip Set Holiday Bundle Collection 2017 Review

The only matte liquid lipstick, Angel, has a beautiful colour to it. The cool toned pink is incredibly flattering but I think will look better on me in the summer with a tan - it's a little draining on my pale skin at the moment. Like all of Kylie's original matte lip kits, this one is just as outstanding in terms of wearability - she just keeps on killing it with her lip products!

Kylie Cosmetics 'Sugar' Lip Set Holiday Bundle Collection 2017 Review - Sugar

Kylie Cosmetics 'Sugar' Lip Set Holiday Bundle Collection 2017 Review - Butter

Finally the lip glosses, Butter and Sugar, are beautiful additions to the set. I'm not much of a lip gloss fanatic myself (if you're a long haired lady like me you'll know the struggle of keeping your gloss from getting stuck to your mouth!). But I have to say these shades are particularly striking. Out of the two, Butter is my favourite as it's warmer than Sugar. I doubt I'd go full gloss with these, but can see them being patted onto the centre of my favourite lipsticks to add dimension and a touch of sparkle.

Overall I'm impressed with the Sugar set, with its beautiful range of shades that are all very different. The contrast between warm and cool tones gives you plenty to play around with, as well as the mix of finishes.

Let me know what your favourite product was amidst the collection in the comments below! Mine is definitely Savage from this lip set.

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