Tuesday, 19 December 2017

DIY Festive Nails - Easy Affordable Manicures For Christmas & New Year's Eve

Easy DIY Christmas Nails - Primark Nail Packs

It's that time of year again when the nail salons are basically fully booked with everyone getting their glam on for the festive season. But if like me, you can't make the only awkward remaining time slot on a Tuesday morning at 11 am, but still want to have fierce nails for Christmas, then don't fret I've got a pound-saving solution for y'all.

My little beauty tip comes in the form of Primark's press on nail packs, starting from as little as £1 - now there's a price you can't refuse! Available in a range of shades, including metallic and glitter finishes, with extra special packs adorned with gems - for the extra among us! I just can't get over what a fabulous price point these nail packs are at. They even include the glue too, so you don't have to purchase that separately.

Easy DIY Christmas Nails - Primark Nail Packs

I picked up a metallic red 'Ruby' set and an icy glitter 'Princess' set complete with sparkly gems. Both costing only a couple of pounds, they're a much more purse friendly alternative than my usual salon bill, and also considerably cheaper than competitor brand nail packs in Superdrug and Boots.

Easy DIY Christmas Nails - Primark Nail Packs - Princess Gems

Easy DIY Christmas Nails - Primark Nail Packs - Ruby Metallic

Arguably we'll all happily pay for the convenience of having our nails done for us, and a longer lasting set, but I'm only after a quick solution that'll tide me over until I can get booked in for my next set of acrylics.

Easy DIY Christmas Nails - Primark Nail Packs

Lasting about a week and a half, providing you're not soaking them in the bath or washing up bowls every day, these fantastic nails don't chip or lose their sparkle. If they're too long or not your desired shape, grab a nail file or pair of scissors and shape them to how you want them to look. I personally love sticking something on Netflix and just filing away, something about its very therapeutic indeed!

So next time you stuck in a bit of a nail-centric pickle, head to your local Primark, pick up a packet of press on nails and get filing! 

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