Sunday, 24 December 2017

Why A Kindle Paperwhite Was At The Top Of My Christmas List This Year

An avid reader throughout my teens, my first ever weekend job was at Waterstones, and it suited me to a T. As a kid I loved the refuge of the library, and would beg my parents to let me go and browse the bookshops we passed on our shopping trips in town. For as long as I can remember the smell of a new book has also had a certain romance to it, and even now the nostalgia of my days in retail at Waterstones make me long for simpler times. 

But surprisingly this year I asked for a Kindle. I know. Shock. 

Considered a taboo gadget amidst true book lovers, even I spent years shunning the idea. How can a Kindle even compare to the comforting feel of holding a book? The way the spine creases as you open it the first time. The feel of the crisp pages as you read your way through a novel. For as long as I can remember books have been an escape from screens and electronics, so why would I want to read off of one?

Trust me I'd fought the idea for long enough in my head. And even now as I hold the gadget in my hand (thank you Dad for letting me unwrap this gift early!), some part of me feels a little guilty. But to be perfectly honest with you, the more I use my new Kindle, the more distant that little niggling feeling becomes, as I appreciate the incredible design and functionality.

Nothing new to the market, any of you who have been Kindle lovers for years now will be shouting 'yeah it's about time you discovered it!' But for those of you, who like me, have opted for books over a Kindle, I think its time we weigh up the real pros of this product. 

It's portable, light weight and incredibly dinky. I can pop this in my bag for work to crack out on my lunch break, meaning I get more reading time.

It's basically a whole library in my hand. I don't have to worry about starting a book, not liking it and then having nothing to read. I can simply download another and get to it!

It's cheaper in the long run than the cost of most paperbacks & hardbacks. After the initial cost of the product, I'm saving money because downloads are cheaper - I'm effectively saving trees too.

The backlit, no-glare screen, means I can read in any weather conditions, or at any time of day - gone are the days of clip on book lights and bedside lamps.

Finally the Kindle barely needs charging, it's highly efficient in the way it uses its power, so I'm not constantly reaching for the charger. Unlike my iPhone..

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying goodbye to my printed books just yet. I still love taking a book away on holiday with me to read poolside, and there's no way I'm using my Kindle whilst I'm in the bath. But overall I'm genuinely glad I put a Kindle on my Christmas list, and even more thankful for receiving it!

Do you prefer books, or are you obsessed with your Kindle? Let me know below!

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