Monday, 29 January 2018

Bleach London 'Glitterati' Eyeshadow - Phase 1 Single Shadow

Bleach London 'Glitterati' Eyeshadow - Phase 1 Single Shadow

As someone who loves to get crafty, usually I restrict the glitter to my paper creations. But when I stumbled across the Bleach London makeup collection in my local superdrug, my inner unicorn self was set free and straight over to the 'Glitterati' collection.

Essentially a fine body glitter (that's right ladies, this collection isn't limited to just your eyelids!) the brand claims that the versatile cosmetic body glitters doesn't need any glue - a big statement to make when we're in an age where people are covering everything from their faces to their boobs in glitter and jewels!

Bleach London 'Glitterati' Eyeshadow - Phase 1 Single Shadow

I think you can get whole palettes from this collection, but I was just after a single shadow - as I said before I'm not that experienced with facial glitter and didn't want to go mad first time. So I settled on the shade which appears to be called 'Phase 1' - a stunning combo of iridescent white, pink and blue glitters that looks positively ethereal!

Bleach London 'Glitterati' Eyeshadow - Phase 1 Single Shadow Swatch

When I stood in the store and swatched the shadow on the back of my hand, I was amazed at not only how pigmented and sparkly it was, but also how it really did stick to my skin. I'm not lying either, I was desperately trying to dust this stuff off before I got to the queue, I ended up with a glitter explosion all up my sleeve.. when they say it doesn't need glue they mean it.

It's incredible to me really, when I think of how far products have come. I remember desperately wanting to apply one of Barry M's dazzle dusts to my eyeshadow for prom back in the day, but having no luck at all. To be fair I had no idea on correct application, and I was pretty damn inexperienced with makeup, so it was probably for the best!

Bleach London 'Glitterati' Eyeshadow - Phase 1 Single Shadow

Bleach London 'Glitterati' Eyeshadow - Phase 1 Single Shadow

But if you're searching for a glitter eyeshadow that's going to stick around (can't promise no fallout, but maybe you're more experienced at applying glitter than me!) then give Bleach London a go. Maybe I'm behind the times but I totally didn't even realise these guys have a make up range. I'm a one-length, strictly brunette haircut kind of gal, and nowhere near edgy enough to experiment with their other products, so this gave me all the 'cool' vibes with none of the commitment of bleaching my hair until it melts off my head.

Have you tried their makeup before? Maybe you can recommend me another glitter eyeshadow brand to try next on my journey of sparkle discovery! 

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