Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Latte Levy - 10 Stylish Travel Mugs You'll Want To Buy Now!

The Latte Levy - 10 Stylish Travel Mugs You'll Want To Buy Now

If you're a regular coffee drinker, and can't function before you've had a sip of your morning mocha or capuccino, then chances are you've heard about the latte levy that's going to be implemented in all of our favourite coffee shops.

With microbeads being banned, and now a call for disposable cups to be fully biodegrabable, it's a fantastic movement for the sake of the planet, but it is going to cost us all a little extra for a takeaway cup. If like me, you consider your morning coffee a luxury treat, this won't necessarily come as welcome news - we all want to save the planet, but no one wants to be paying the extra!

But before you give up the coffee for good, it's not all bad news! To combat the new levy, and incentivise us all to be more eco-friendly, many big coffee chains like Pret are actually giving a discount to people who bring a cup in of their own!

Gone are the days of ugly thermos flasks (sorry if they're your cup of tea, but they definitely aren't mine - pun intended), there's actually a whole assortment of stylish travel mugs on the market, with even designer brands cashing in on the call for eco-friendly. So I've shortlisted a few designs that have caught my eye online to share with you all. From quirky prints, to classic marble or rose gold accents, it's not hard to find a pretty travel mug to call your own!

Though the initial outset might be a little pricier than the cost of your regular coffee, you'll essentially recoup your money in no time at all. I've even seen places like Primark, with an incredible range of fun and vibrant designs at particularly affordable prices - perfect if you're watching the pennies this January!

The Latte Levy - 10 Stylish Travel Mugs You'll Want To Buy Now

The Latte Levy - 10 Stylish Travel Mugs You'll Want To Buy Now

The Latte Levy - 10 Stylish Travel Mugs You'll Want To Buy Now

It might seem a little inconvenient to be carrying a bulky carry cup around, but we'll all adjust! Just a couple of years ago there was outrage at having to pay 5p for a carrier bag, and now it's unthinkable to even leave the house without a cute tote bag 'just in case.' I've even seen reports on collapsable cups having been designed too, so who knows what the future holds! All we can hope is that even the smallest of our efforts helps the planet, and that we're able to support the movement in style!

Are you a regular coffee drinker? Share your thoughts with me on the latte levy in the comments below!

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