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Glossier Cloud Paint Blush Review - Shades Puff & Beam

Glossier Cloud Paint - Shades Puff & Beam - Review

At this point in the year, after a long winter and no sunshine, my complexion can often end up looking a little flat. Whilst bronzer and highlighter are must-haves to lift my pale skin, I couldn’t be without blush to give my skin a ‘just worked out’ glow.

Over the years I’ve remained a firm believer that powder blush is best. I can probably track this decision right back to my teen years when a Maybelline cream blush worked its way into my makeup bag, and I definitely looked more clown than cool with it on. Hard to apply, sticky residual feeling and a sheen that looked more sweaty than dewy, it just was a look I never wanted to replicate again. Ever.

I’ve worked my way through plenty of blush palettes from Estée Lauder to Benefit, and although I’m a fan, I’ve always had one tiny complaint about powder blushes – though it’s never been bad enough to stop me using them. I find they always oxidise around midday and end up looking more orange/peach than pink. As I said, nothing major, more mildly annoying.

Glossier Cloud Paint - Shades Puff & Beam - Review

So when Glossier hit the UK last year, so confident in my powder blush, the brand’s Cloud Paint wasn’t even on my radar. But after seeing so many bloggers and beauty gurus using them on Instagram, and having been impressed with Glossier’s other products myself, I decided to order them and take the plunge.

 I opted for Puff and Beam, a gorgeous bubble gum pink and a delicate peach shade. From testing the colours, I've definitely found the shade Puff to be my favourite and more complementary to my current pale skin. It has a very natural pink hue that truly looks like the perfect amount of glow, and not that beetroot head look that other blushes can give. It's not to say I don't like the colour Beam, but for my current colourings - the coral/pink hue is just too warm for me right now, I feel Beam will be my go-to in the summer when I've got a little bit of a tan going.

Glossier Cloud Paint - Shades Puff & Beam - Review

Application wise I was super impressed, the blush delicately patted onto my skin, over foundation and powder bronzer, and didn't slide about removing it. Instead it blended beautifully and added a sheer, watercolour style coverage and colour that looked like I was glowing from the inside.

One complaint about this seemingly perfect blush though, is its longevity. Maybe it's the harsh winter weather we're experiencing at the moment, but I haven't managed to get this blush to stay past midday, even with a primer. It just sort of disappears, leaving me looking like it'd never been applied, so it's definitely worth taking it with you on the go to re-apply. That said, the tubes are pretty tiny too, and though you only need to use a small amount to get the desired look, if you're re-applying twice a day I reckon you'll get through a tube in no time at all.

Glossier Cloud Paint - Shades Puff & Beam - Review

Perfect for creating a natural, 'inner glow' that just exudes a healthy lifestyle, or dabbing on along with Brow Boy for some added confidence at the gym, I'm a big fan of these blushes now. I can't wait until hotter summer weather rolls around, to see if these last better in a dryer, hotter environment.

Have you tried Glossier's Cloud Paints yet? If so what are your thoughts on their colours and longevity?

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