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How to Make: DIY Beauty & The Beast Inspired Bell Jar for Under £10

How to Make: DIY Beauty & The Beast Bell Jar for Under £10

During the winter months at the start of the year, it can be tough to inject some much needed life into your home. You miss the cosy warmth of your Christmas decorations, but yearn for spring flowers and pastel hues - it's a really confusing few months until that sun shines again. So I found the perfect way to combine both factors, in a cheap and cheerful, easy home décor DIY, that'll literally light up your room!

Fans of Beauty & the Beast will see the immediate inspiration from what I’ve created. Whilst I’m not an avid Disney fan (don’t get me wrong I like the films and characters, but I am not Disney mad), I still appreciate the beauty of the single rose in the bell jar in the film. Magical, delicate and beautiful, it’s always captured my imagination, and glass cloches seem to be all the rage now in interior decor, so what better time to recreate the iconic look.

How to Make: DIY Beauty & The Beast Bell Jar for Under £10

I actually got my glass cloche from IKEA for an absolute bargain, along with the flower (I chose a pink carnation over a classic rose as they're my favourites and I wanted to put my spin on it). In total the pair cost me just over £8, which in my books is pretty damn cheap.

Cutting the plastic stem down to size, I decided it needed that little 'magical' element to catch the eye, so I dug out my old wire lights (these are pretty similar) I purchased at Christmas and wound them around the inside of the jar. Sadly the power pack is a little chunky so I'll probably replace it at some point, but for a thrifty, quick-fix I'll ignore it for now. The result, when the lights are turned on, is like little fireflies inside the jar. Very magical. Very Disney. And all for under £10!

How to Make: DIY Beauty & The Beast Bell Jar for Under £10

So there we have it, an easy DIY that costs under £10! The only problem you'll have is deciding where to place it. I personally love this as a bedside lamp / nightlight, but it could easily work on a kitchen window sill or as a pretty coffee table centre piece - get creative and use your imagination!

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