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S/S18 Spring Colours - Saying YES to Yellow!

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For years I've been a self confessed addict of black. The easiest way to look elegant and chic, as well as disguise any lumps and bumps when you're not quite feeling yourself, it was always my go-to shade. Amongst my friends it was always a running joke that I'd turn up in a monochromatic ensemble, and a good 90% of my work attire was black too. But over the last few months I've found myself embracing colour properly for the first time.

Tilgate Park Crawley 2018 Spring Flowers

I'm beginning to let go of the preconceptions that were seemingly drilled into me about colour. "Pastel shades make you look pale, yellow can be very insipid, pink is too immature and girly" - these are just a few colour clichés, when in matter of fact none of it should matter. So what if I look pale? It's winter, I am. Pink is too girly? Well guess what, I am a female. 

You only have to look at the magazines and catwalks to see that designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of design, clashing prints, blending loud colours and crafting unusual shapes. So why not find yourself being inspired by what your heart wants, instead of what you think you should look like. 

Tilgate Park Crawley 2018 Spring Flowers

Tilgate Park Crawley 2018 Spring Flowers

For the longest time I can remember being being envious that my sister seemed to always be dressed in tropical hues, and pretty pastels because it's what complemented her olive skin best. And I told myself I was more suited to deeper, wintery jewel tones. So I never gave a colour like yellow a chance. I walked around shops as a with a strict list about what I could or couldn't wear. But I've discovered that if it makes you feel happy and confident, just wear the damn colour! 

Tilgate Park Crawley 2018 Spring Flowers

Tilgate Park Crawley 2018 Spring Flowers

On my journey across the colour spectrum I've experimented with primary shades I'd never have been daring enough to don before, along with pastel pinks and vibrant oranges. A bit of an artist at heart, I've always had a kinship with colour, but never really been brave enough to give it a go. 

On the cusp of spring though, now is the perfect time to try something new! I found myself inspired by the colours I saw on a visit to Tilgate Park at the weekend. The first brave few flowers and exotic animals in the park were highlighted beautifully by the glorious winter sunshine - roll on summer I say! 

But the brief break from the overcast weather gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my yellow jumper for the first time - a wonderful find from Sainsbury's of all places! Not only did I feel the bright yellow had a marked improvement on my mood, but I felt super confident too - something I'd never have thought I'd feel, when I thought of wearing yellow during my teen years!

Though I'm definitely not ready to part ways with my black clothing, that I'll always hold dear, here's to the colour spectrum, I can't wait to see what summer has in store from you! 

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