Saturday, 3 March 2018

March TreatBox UK - 'Be Kind To Yourself' Pamper Box

The start of every month I look forward to receiving my monthly subscription box from TreatBox, and this month more so than ever before! The last week I'd been bed bound, and feeling generally very sorry for myself, that was until my March TreatBox landed on the door mat.

March TreatBox UK - Nails Inc Harrington Square, Optiat Scrub, Wax Melt, Eye Mask

Filled to the brim with everything I needed to get myself back fighting fit, the March box had a 'self care' theme to it. Crammed with a whole range of goodies that would ensure you managed to take 5 minutes out for yourself and just escape whatever stresses were bothering you, I was over the moon with the contents.

To smooth away dry skin (very important right now considering how crazy cold the weather has been), there were two coffee-based, Optiat scrubs. A nature-friendly beauty company, committed to repurposing items that would otherwise be discarded, Optiat scrubs use Arabica coffee grounds from London's finest cafes and restaurants. I received a 'Feel Great' mandarin sachet, along with a 'Hit The Sheets' vanilla scented one for night time use. With the recent banning of microbeads in exfoliant products, its great to be able to trial products from a cruelty free and vegan friendly brand.

March TreatBox UK - Marshmallow Wax Melt

To enhance the ambiance of my room, a Marshmallow wax melt pot from Charismatic Cat Candles was included too. I'm a huge fan of wax melts, and always have one on the go in my room. They smell so much stronger than regular candles and the scents linger for longer too. This sweet marshmallow scent is simply dreamy, and I adore the addition of sparkles and glitter in the pot too - love love love!

March TreatBox UK - Optiat Scrub, Wax Melt, Makeup Bag Contents My Face

To ensure a good night's sleep a 'Dreamer' sleep mask was included too. I actually never sleep without an eye mask on so this was ideal for me, though I know these aren't everyone's thing. There was also a cute little door sign (which I forgot to include in my photos - oops!), that would guarantee your pamper sesh wouldn't be disturbed. And finally a taster from Tea Huggers in the form of a 'Good Night' tea bag. A sweet blend of soothing lavender, fruity blueberry and caffeine-free rooibos. As well as lemon balm, orange peel, apple and hibiscus petals, it's perfect for sipping on whilst you're unwinding after a long day.

What's Inside March TreatBox UK - Optiat Scrub, Wax Melt, Makeup Bag Contents My Face, Eye Mask, Nails Inc Harrington Square Polish Cotton Candy, Tea Huggers, Door Sign

Completing the box was the addition of a Nails Inc. nail polish in the shade, Harrington Square. Part of their Cotton Candy range, the polish is a turquoise blue colour with speckled detailing that really reminds me of a duck egg - absolutely ideal for an Easter nail look! And to keep all of the goodies from this month's box safe, the box also had the addition of a gorgeous natural makeup bag. Apparently it came in four different quotes, but mine was embellished with 'Contents: My Face' which is super cute and sassy.

I'm so pleased as usual with my March TreatBox and will be definitely locking myself away for a Sunday pamper sesh. The printout out inside the TreatBox said 'Be Kind To Yourself' and I think it's definitely a fantastic reminder of how important your mental and physical health is, and that you should always take a little time out to just unwind.

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