Thursday, 26 April 2018


I feel like my spring / summer beauty is always entirely centred around hydration. Whether I'm prepping my skin for the warmer weather, or nourishing it again after a day spent in the sun, achieving smooth, even skin is always my priority and the same can definitely be said for my lip care.

I've said it once, and I'll say it one thousand times, I cannot bear having chapped lips. And after visiting my sister in Cardiff to go see Dua Lipa (who I'm now a massive fan of btw!), she treated me to a couple of beauty goodies she's been loving lately (my sister, not Dua Lipa lol). One of which is NYX's #THISISEVERYTHING Lip Oil.


Late to the party, I'd been searching for the right lip oil for a while and have been enticed by Clarin's Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil on a number of occasions, but begrudged paying £19 for essentially a fancy lip balm. So to find out this particular one from NYX is only £6, makes it an utterly amazing bargain in my eyes!

Perfect for creating a smooth, hydrated base before applying a matte lipstick, or even a 'barely there' lip on days when I need some shine but want a natural look, this product is simply divine. It's light, nourishing, shiny (but not in a shimmy glitter way), and easy and comfortable to wear. I'm obsessed.

As a side note, this is all coming from a gal who owns arguably too many matte liquid lipsticks, and has been anti-gloss since probably around the same time Kylie Jenner's lips broke the internet. So you can tell what an impression this product has made on me.


Once a virgin to the world of lip oils, I can now honestly say I can't wait to go out and find some tinted ones to expand my collection too. Ideal for creating low maintenance summer looks, this NYX lip oil really is everything - it's a must-have for your makeup bags ladies!

Can you recommend some affordable lip oils from other brands I can try? Leave me a comment below!

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