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A Guest for the Evening - Welcome to The Chapel Horsham

Have you ever walked away from a hair salon feeling truly satisfied with your new look? I can honestly say that I hadn't. That was until I'd had the absolute pleasure of visiting The Chapel, Horsham - the new hair salon in town that's all about the experience, as well as the end result.

*For full disclosure I was invited to The Chapel to receive a complimentary cut and colour in exchange for sharing my experience. I would never recommend something that I didn't believe in or hadn't experienced myself, and all views expressed in this post are entirely my own. The images below are a mixture of photos I took on the evening, as well as some professional shots provided for my use by the salon.

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham - Waiting Area

To give you all a little back story on my personal hair journey, up until a year ago I'd never been brave enough to do anything particularly wild with my hair. I can remember having friends who'd experiment with edgy cuts and vibrant colours, and the boldest look I'd ever pulled off was a long bob - not exactly something to write home about. One day on a complete whim, I decided I wanted to try out the balayage hair trend that seemed to be everywhere from Pinterest to Instagram. Fast forward five or six salon bleaches and a never ending need for purple shampoo, I'd somehow embarked on a hair journey that had left me lacking confidence in both my own hair and the salons I'd visited.

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham - Storage Lockers

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham - Hand Cream

So when I was invited to spend an evening at The Chapel, Horsham for a fresh cut and colour, I jumped at the opportunity. A world away from any hair salon I'd visited before, the experience itself is an integral part of visiting The Chapel. Founder Amanda realised that so many women complain about exactly the same factors when they go to get their hair cut - many of which I'd felt too, without even realising it. Lack of privacy, trust and even sometimes a sense of imposition were all recurring emotions, as well as more aesthetic factors like harsh lighting and awkward seating. Amanda realised that by creating a relaxing environment where you have the time to build a rapport with your stylist, and allow yourself to unwind and enjoy the experience of having your hair cut, was the key to success.

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham - Outside Chapel

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham - Seating Consultation Area
There's not a single item inside The Chapel that hasn't been curated for both functionality and aesthetic. The attention to detail is subtle yet significant as soon as you step through the doors. Every plumped, plush pillow, every delicately glowing candle and every definitive brushstroke of paint on the walls, serves the purpose to create the ultimate luxury environment to unwind in, that's unmistakably The Chapel.

As soon as I entered through the doors, I was given a guided tour of the building, which is truly spectacular. From the outside it's an unassuming chapel, but once inside it's a glorious tardis of unabashed 'me time' and a sanctuary from all the pressures and distractions of everyday life.

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham - Colouring Area

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham

Once my tour was over, it was time to take a pew (pun completely intended) over on one of the luscious velvet sofas with my stylist for the evening, Hazel. I was initially taken aback when faced with the question 'how do you want to feel?' - a simple question, with an endless realm of answers that made me realise just how important my hair is to me. It's one of the first things people see when they meet me, an expression of my personality and to be honest I'm surprised I hadn't made this connection sooner.

By sharing my hair journey and routine with Hazel, she was able to gain an understanding of exactly what I wanted from my hair. A low maintenance cut and colour, that felt healthy and shined like a glossy magazine. She talked me through warm and cool tone colour options, explaining what would suit me best and had an upfront approach about what I could expect from the session - something I found particularly refreshing! There's nothing worse than being told something is achievable, to get half way through the process and have to compromise. I loved Hazel's 'under promise, over deliver' approach.

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham - Colouring Area

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham

After the colour had been applied I was left to enjoy the solitude of a cosy little waiting room at the back of the building. Low lighting, soft chairs and dusky hues allow you to leave your troubles at the door and enjoy 20 minutes (in my case) of pure relaxation. I'd even been told that some people have found the room to be so therapeutic that they've literally drifted off - testament to the thoughtful decor!

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham - Relaxation Seating Area

When the time had passed, I was lead upstairs into yet another inspiring room to have my hair washed. More soft lighting and incredibly comfortable chairs allow you to remain in that moment of relaxation for a little longer - this time I was the one close to dozing off!

The haircut took place on the upper floor too, in front of one of the beautifully light, suspended mirrors. You can't help but feel like an old-school Hollywood star with a contemporary twist in front of one of those! Hazel talked me through every part of the cut as it happened, which really put me at ease and also meant I learnt a lot of tips which could help me maintain and style my new do.

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham

When my hair was revealed to me post-hairdry, I was overwhelmed with what an incredible job Hazel had done. She'd achieved everything I could've asked for and more, and I still can't stop admiring the seemingly mirror finish my hair has now - it has never looked so glossy in all of my life!

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham

I was beyond thankful to Hazel for my wonderful new hair, and also everyone at The Chapel who made my experience there so wonderful. Hair salons can be quite daunting places at times, particularly if you're the anxious sort, but at no point during the evening did I ever feel on edge or worried, I had complete trust in Hazel's judgement and ability, which was a very welcome change! I feel like I've got a new sense of inspiration for my hair, and also a new confidence in myself, which just goes to prove again that a haircut can entirely change the way you feel about yourself.

The Chapel Hair Salon Horsham

I'm in awe at how simple yet effective the small steps that The Chapel takes to treat their clients to, that sets them apart from other hair salons. I can't recommend them highly enough, and I'm sure that anyone who gets a taste of the luxury experience offered inside, will find it very hard to schedule in a haircut anywhere else. The Chapel will welcome you like a guest, not just another customer.

For full information on the inspiring history behind The Chapel, as well as their full list of salons, visit their website here.

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